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Teamwork Feats

Description Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 150
Teamwork feats grant large bonuses, but they only function under specific circumstances. In most cases, these feats require an ally who also possesses the feat to be positioned carefully on the battlefield.
Teamwork feats provide no bonus if the listed conditions are not met. Note that allies who are paralyzed, stunned, unconscious, or otherwise unable to act do not count for the purposes of these feats.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Alien MindpathsAndroid, kasatha, lashunta, or TriaxianGain +4 on saves vs. mind-affecting effects and scrying
Allied SpellcasterCaster level 1st+2 bonus on level checks to overcome spell resistance
Ambush Squad*Base attack bonus +1, koboldTake both a move action and a standard action on a surprise round when you and ally can both act
Amplified RadianceAasimar, daylight racial spell-like abilityShed an aura of light when near allies who share this feat
Amplified RageHalf-orc or orc, rage class featureMake your rage more powerful when near others raging
Artillery Team*Proficiency with light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket; size Small or MediumAlly with this feat can help you load and fire a Large light crossbow, heavy crossbow, or musket
Assisted AscensionClimb 5 ranksClimb with allies more effectively
Back to BackPerception 3 ranksGain a +2 to AC against flanking opponents
Barrage of Styles*Base attack bonus +1, humanAdjacent allies with this feat grant you a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on combat maneuver checks
Basic HarmonyBardic performance or raging songGrant improved bonuses on Perform when aiding another
Blades Above and Below*Base attack bonus +6When fighting with a differently sized ally, you flank an adjacent foe from any position
Blood for the EmpireBase attack bonus +4+2 attack and damage against creatures damage by your allies in the last round
Bonded MindTrade nonverbal messages with allies
Broken Wing Gambit*Bluff 5 ranksGrant opponent bonus to hit you, but opponent's attack provokes attacks of opportunity
Brutal Grappler*Half-orc or orcHelp an ally grapple a creature
Burn It Down!*Base attack bonus +1, goblinNearby allies with this feat grant a cumulative +1 bonus (max +4) on damage with certain fire attacks
Casting ConduitSpellcraft 1 rankWhen casting a touch spell, adjacent ally can take minimum damage to make an identical attack
Cavalry Formation*Mounted CombatMay share space with other mounts, charge through space occupied by allied mount
Choir of Blades*Gain an ally’s bonus on attack rolls against a creature or a subtype, as well as the ally’s racial weapon proficiencies
Choral SupportPerform (sing) 3 ranksChange your allies spells to deal sonic damage
Circling Offense*Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +3Dodge attacks of opportunity from larger creatures better, while having the offending creature provoke from your allies
Collective RecollectionUse aid another on an ally’s Knowledge checks
Combat MedicHeal 5 ranksMay take 10 and not provoke attacks of opportunity when using Heal
Compelling HarmoniesBasic Harmony, Perform (keyboard, percussion, sing, string, or wind) 10 ranks, bardic performance or raging songExpend a round of performance to boost another ally’s performance
Concentrated Fire*Point-Blank Shot, elf, weapon familiarity racial traitWhen you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to make ranged attacks, use the highest attack roll for both attacks
Conduit CastingSpellcraft 3 ranksUse your ally as the origin of your spell
Cooperative CounterspellingSpellcraft 5 ranks, racial spell-like ability replicating a spell of 1st level or higherWhen you and an ally with this feat both ready actions to counterspell, you gain additional counterspelling options
Cooperative DisablingDisable Device 1 rank, trapfinding class featureAlly can attempt a second Disable Device check as an immediate action
Cooperative Rend*Rend, trollUse your rend with greater ease
Coordinated BlastSpellcraft 5 ranks, any racial spell-like abilityExclude allies with this feat from area spells and abilities
Coordinated Capture*Base attack bonus +1Creatures you and your allies threaten take penalties to checks to avoid provoking attacks of opportunities
Coordinated Charge*You have at least two other teamwork feats, base attack bonus +10.You may charge the same foe when an ally does
Coordinated Defense*+2 bonus to CMD
Coordinated Distraction*Make it harder for your foes to cast spells defensively.
Coordinated Maneuvers*+2 bonus on combat maneuver checks
Coordinated RepositionStep-UpTake 5 ft. steps when allies do
Coordinated Shot*Point-Blank ShotWhen an ally with this feat threatens a foe, gain a +1 bonus on ranged attack rolls, or +2 if that ally is flanking the foe
Counterpoint to InspirationBasic Harmony, Compelling Harmony, Perform (keyboard, percussion, sing, string, or wind) 10 ranks, bardic performance or raging songIncrease the bonus of a performance by aiding with your own
Courage in NumbersIron Will.+2 save vs. fear for each nearby ally with this feat
Covering Fire (RTT)*Point-Blank ShotUse aid another with ranged attacks against distant opponents
Covering Fire (VC)*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)UC, Weapon Focus (at least one firearm)Targets you hit take an attack roll penalty against your allies
Crowd Control*Base attack bonus +3You gain a +2 competence bonus to your CMD when an enemy uses Acrobatics to move through a square you threaten.
Crowd of Bullies*Half-orcAllies with this feat gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks after you fail a combat maneuver check
Darting Retrieval*Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved DisarmKick disarmed items out of the way before the enemy can retrieve them
Deadly TroupePerform (act) or Perform (dance) 3 ranks, human (Varisian)Gain a +4 bonus on certain combat maneuver checks and skill checks against foes threatened by allies with this feat
Designated AntagonistAntagonizeUM.When using Antagonize, directy hostility to willing ally
Diplomatic RuseDiplomacy 3 ranks, human (Keleshite)Take a free action as part of your initiative check
Disarm Partner*Base attack bonus +1Attempt a disarm when an ally fails at one
Distracting Charge*When an ally with this feat charges, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls against the creature charged
Diversion Shot*Stealthy, Target of OpportunityUCUse Target of Opportunity to give allies a chance to hide
Drinking BuddyIf you and your ally are drunk, you can reroll any d20 roll once per day
Duck and CoverTake ally's result on Reflex saving throw
Echoes of the First WorldKnowledge (nature) 2 ranks, gnome subtypeGain DR 2/cold iron and count as fey instead of humanoid when near allies with this feat
Eclipse StrikeTiefling, darkness racial spell-like abilityWhen flanking with another ally who has this feat, make an eclipse strike to blind a target
Electric DischargeArcane Strike, ability to cast a 1st-level or higher spell with the electricity descriptorCombine electricity spells to greater effect
Elemental CommixtureCaster level 1stCombine elemental spells with allies’ to create synergistic effects
Enfilading Fire*Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, one other teamwork featWhen ally flanks opponent, you gain +2 on ranged attack rolls against opponent
EnsemblePerform 5 rankNearby performers can aid your perform checks
Escape RouteYou do not provoke attacks of opportunity when moving through spaces adjacent to allies
Exceptional AidBonded MindAid Another increases to +4
Extend the Bulwark*Extend the protection of your armor to your allies
Extraplanar ConjunctionAny racial spell-like ability, outsiderIncrease the save DC of a racial spell-like ability by 2 when near an ally with this feat and the same spell-like ability
Fall GuyBluff 1 rankTake a -2 penalty to Charisma-based checks to give an ally a +2 bonus on such checks
Familiar LinkCoven hex or Coven-Touched, familiar or spirit animal class feature, witch level 1stWithin your coven, you have formed a bond with your fellow witches’ familiars
Feint Partner*Bluff 1 rankWhen ally successfully feints, opponent loses Dex bonus against your next attack
Ferocious HordeOrc, ferocity racial traitGain +2 morale bonus on attack rolls when you and an ally with this feat are both at or below half hit points
Ferocious LoyaltyBonus on attacks when the enemy threatens or knocks out your allies
Fighting Frenzy*Cha 13, rage class featureAvoid an AC penalty while in rage if allies are close by
Flow of ElementsAbility to cast spells; ifrit, oread, sylph, or undineChange all or part of a spell’s damage to the energy type associated with the race of an adjacent ally who has this feat
Focusing BlowHobgoblin Discipline, hobgoblinCause damage to break an ally from an ongoing mind-affecting effect
Friendly Fire Maneuvers*Point-Blank Shot, Precise ShotStay out of each other’s way with ranged and area attacks
Friendly Rivalry*Human (Taldan)Gain +2 morale bonus on melee attacks against foes only you threaten if an ally is the only one threatening a different foe
Giantslaying Team*Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +4, defensive training racial traitAttack a giant as an immediate action when the giant’s attack of opportunity misses an ally with this feat
Got Your Back*Int 13, Combat ExpertiseUse aid another to prevent allies from becoming flanked or flat-footed
Group Deliver Touch SpellsGroup Shared Spells, must have a familiar with the share spells and deliver touch spells abilitiesCast spells through allied familiars
Group Shared SpellsFamiliar with the share spells abilityYour allies can share spells with your familiar
Hammer Guards the AnvilLimit when a foe can make an attack of opportunity against you
Harder They Fall*Str 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Power AttackGrant ally a +2 bonus on bull rush or trip attempt
Harrying Partners*Any teamwork feat, base attack bonus +6Uses of aid another to improve AC last longer
High Magic FocusAny metamagic feat, Spellcraft 7 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level spells, human (Garundi)Spontaneously apply metamagic feats without using higherlevel spell slots or increasing casting time if allies ready an action to cast the same spell
Horde ChargeBase attack bonus +1, half-orc or orc+2 attack/damage when charging at the same time
Improved Back to BackBack to Back, Perception 5 ranksGrant adjacent ally +2 to AC against flanking opponents
Improved Disarm Partner*Disarm Partner, base attack bonus +5Make attacks of opportunity and disarm checks when an ally fails to disarm someone
Improved Duck and CoverDuck and CoverWhen you use Duck and Cover, an ally with evasion or improved evasion takes some of the damage
Improved Feint Partner*Bluff 1 rank, Combat Reflexes, Feint Partner, base attack bonus +6When ally successfully feints, you gain attack of opportunity against opponent
Improved Outflank*OutflankAPG, base attack bonus +6Flank foe without having to be on opposite sides
Improved Precise Strike*Dex 13, Precise StrikeAPG, base attack bonus +4Deal bleed damage with Precise Strike
Improved Spell SharingAbility to acquire an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or special mountDivide spell duration with the companion creature
Improved Swap Places*Swap PlacesWhen you use Swap Places, your ally can be smaller or larger and your movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity
Improved Underhanded Teamwork*Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Underhanded Teamwork, base attack bonus +6Attempt a dirty trick when a nearby ally does so
Inspiring TalentHalf-elf, adaptability or ancestral arms racial traitShare benefits of an ally’s Skill Focus or weapon proficiencies in certain situations
Intercept Charge*Move up to your speed to intercept charging foe as an immediate action
Interweave Composite Blast*Kinetic blast class featureWork together to unleash a composite blast
Joined WingsFervor or lay on hands class featureUse fervor or lay on hands on allies as a swift action
Juju WayKnowledge (religion) 3 ranks, human (Mwangi)Cast touch spells at a range of 20 feet when targeting a willing Mwangi ally who has this feat
Knotted Nets*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), base attack bonus +1Work together with multiple allies to use nets against larger creatures
Lastwall PhalanxBase attack bonus +3, good alignment.Bonus to AC and saves against evil creatures depending on the number of adjacent allies
Linnorm Hunter Coordination*Cha 13, Dex 13, Dodge, Linnorm Hunter Retreat, Linnorm Hunter Style, base attack bonus +6, must have or be an animal companionAs a full-round action, you can make a single attack that deals extra damage
Linnorm Hunter Retreat*Cha 13, Dex 13, Dodge, Linnorm Hunter Style, base attack bonus +4, must have or be an animal companionMove 5 ft. as an immediate action when your ally attacks
Linnorm Hunter Style*Cha 13, must have or be an animal companionEnemies that provoke an attack of opportunity from your ally also provoke from you
Living FortressDwarf, hardy racial traitRacial bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities increases by 2 when you’re adjacent to an ally who has this feat
Lookout*Act in surprise round if ally can act
Loyal to the DeathHuman (Tian)You can become the target of an attack directed against an adjacent ally who has this feat
Metamagical SynergyAllied SpellcasterYou and the other members of your coven can weave your spells together to great effect
Mirror KinBluff 8 ranks, gnome, gnome magic racial traitYou become difficult to distinguish from your allies, giving you a 20% miss chance due to concealment
My Blade is Yours*Int 13, Combat Expertise, Sense Motive 3 ranksUse a weapon special quality from adjacent ally's weapon
Mystical ReverberationAbility to spontaneously cast spellsGrant an ally use of a metamagic feat you know
One MindAlertness, Sense Motive 3 ranks, human (Vudrani)Avoid penalties when flat-footed, blinded, or fighting invisible creatures if you’re adjacent to ally who has this feat
Open Up*Int 13, Combat ExpertiseUses of aid another to improve attacks also ignore AC bonuses granted by a shield
Out of the SunBluff 3 ranks, Stealth 3 ranksFeint a target but allow an ally to gain the benefits of that feint; works better in bright light or sunlight
Outflank*Base attack bonus +4Gain +4 bonus on attack rolls when flanking
Overwhelm*Flank larger opponents with ease
Pack Attack*Base attack bonus +1Ally's attack allows you to take a 5-foot step
Pack FlankingInt 13, Combat Expertise, ability to acquire an animal companionYou and your companion creature flank regardless of position
Pack Intimidation*Half-orc, intimidating racial traitWhen you use Intimidate to demoralize, gain a +2 circumstance bonus for every ally with this feat within 30 feet
Paired Opportunists*+4 bonus on attacks of opportunity
Passing GraceYour bond with your allies allows you to share positive energy between yourselves
Piercing GambitSpell Penetration or Bluff 3 ranks; caster level 1stExpend spell or spell slot to give ally spellcaster a bonus to overcome spell resistance
Precise Strike*Dex 13, base attack bonus +1Deal +1d6 points of precision damage with melee attacks
Protective Line*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)UCDon't provoke attacks of opportunity while reloading a firearm
Punch Through*Base attack bonus +6Help your allies ignore a target’s damage reduction.
Pursuit of Glory*Human (Ulfen)Gain a +2 morale bonus on one attack roll made as part of a charge if you start or end the charge adjacent to an ally
Quah BondTotem Spirit (The Inner Sea World Guide 289), human (Shoanti)Double benefits granted by your Totem Spirit feat when an ally from the same quah with this feat is within 30 feet
Rat Stack*Dex 13, swarming racial traitYou and two allies can share the same space
Relentless CheerHalfling, fearless and halfling luck racial traits+1 on all saves, increasing to +3 vs. fear, when adjacent to allies who have this feat
Rending Swarm*Dex 15, Rat Stack, swarming racial traitWhile swarming, rend creature hit by more than one of you
Returning Throw*Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sleight of Hand 3 ranks, goblinoid subtypeWhen an ally misses with a thrown weapon attack, you can catch the weapon and use it to attack the original target
Ruthless Opportunist*Human (Chelaxian)When an ally with this feat hits a foe using an attack of opportunity, gain +2 on attacks against that foe for 1 round
Sacrificial AidTeamworkAllies can aid another on Disable Device, at the risk of being the target of the trap
Scarred Legion+2 Intimidate and +2 Will when adjacent to ally with the feat; Keep bonus after charging for 1 round
Scion of the LandSurvival 1 rankGrant ability to leave no trail to allies within 60 feet or gain +2 bonus on some nature-based skills
Scion of the Lost EmpireHuman (Chelaxian or Taldan)Gain +2 competence bonus on attack roll, save, ability check, or skill check when adjacent to an ally with this feat
Secret LanguageBluff 1 rank, Linguistics 1 rank, Sense Motive 1 rankLearn a complex set of codes and phrases in order to quickly and discreetly share information with allies
Seeping DarknessDrow, darkness racial spell-like abilityGain concealment when adjacent to an ally with this feat
Seize the Moment*Combat Reflexes, Improved CriticalWhen ally confirms a critical threat, you gain an attack of opportunity
Shake It OffGain +1 to all saving throws per adjacent ally
Share HealingAbility to acquire an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or special mountShare healing with your companion creature
Share SpellsBonded Mind, ability to share spells with an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or phantom, caster level 1stShare personal spells with allies
Shared OwnershipWell-PreparedAPG, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, halflingYou can draw an item in an ally’s possession as a move action as long as the ally is within 30 feet and has this feat
Shared RemembranceKnowledge (any) 1 rank, elfGain a cumulative +2 bonus (max +10) on Knowledge checks to identify monsters for each ally within 30 feet who has this feat
Shared StashQuick Draw, base attack bonus +1, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, swarming racial traitQuickly borrow items from your allies
Shield Wall*Shield ProficiencyIncrease your shield bonus to AC
Shielded Caster+4 bonus on concentration checks
Snapping Flank*Base attack bonus +9, bite attackMake a bite attack as a swift action when flanking
Special DeliveryBonded Mind, Share Spells, ability to deliver spells through an animal companion, eidolon, familiar, or phantom, caster level 3rdAllow your allies to carry your touch spells
Spell Bluff (AH)TeamworkIf ally is in the area of a damaging spell, enemies also in the area take a penalty to their saving throws vs the spell
Spell ChainSpell PenetrationHelp your allies to bypass a target’s spell resistance.
Spell SynergySpellcraft 5 ranksAmplify the effects of a spell on yourself
Spirit of the Corps*Duplicate morale bonuses from teammates
Squirming Pile*Acrobatics 5 ranks, swarming racial traitWhile swarming, gain fortification against critical hits and sneak attack
Stealth SynergyTake the highest roll made by you and your allies on Stealth checks
Stick Together*Gain extra movement when a nearby ally moves
Stone DodgerAllied warnings help you avoid large thrown objects
Suppress Regeneration*Allies take advantage of an enemies’ halted regeneration
Suppressive Fire*Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, keen senses racial traitWhen you damage a target with a ranged attack, it can’t make attacks of opportunity against allies who have this feat
Swap Places*Switch places with an adjacent ally
Swarm Scatter+1 AC for adjacent allies, immune to swarm attack/distraction of rat swarms
Swarm Strike+1 to attacks of opportunity, extra for other threatening allies
Swing AboutEscape RouteUCHelp move allies around without provoking
Tag-Team InterrogationIntimidating Prowess or Persuasive; Diplomacy 1 rank; Intimidate 1 rankWork with an ally to adjust a creature's attitude
Take the HitBonded Mind, base attack bonus +6Absorb damage that an ally receives
Take ThisYou can quickly take items from a fallen allies body
Tandem Evasion*Dex 13, DodgeGain evasion against a dragon’s breath weapon and tail sweep when close to an ally
Tandem Trip*When you make a trip against an opponent threatened by any ally, roll twice and take the higher result
Target of Opportunity*Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +6When an ally hits with a ranged attack, youmay make an attack as an immediate action
Team PickpocketingBluff 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 1 rankWhen ally makes a Bluff check, you can pick opponent's pocket as an immediate action
Thrune Trusted AgentThrune Loyal Agent traitBolster your allies with the power of House Thrune
Thuvian GrenadierPrecise Shot or Throw AnythingExclude extra squares from the area of a splash weapon; allies can catch missed throws
Timely Coordination+1 bonus on attack rolls and skill checks for readied actions triggered by allies
Topple Foe*Combat Expertise, Improved TripAssist your allies in tripping a creature
Trade InitiativeTrade the die roll of your initiative with an adjacent ally
TriangulateBlind-Fight, Greater Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-Fight, Perception 15 ranks, human (Kellid)Automatically pinpoint invisible foes and reroll misses due to concealment when you and an ally who has this feat are within 30 feet
Tribal Hunter*Animal AffinityFlank large creatures easier when you are adjacent to the target with a friend
Tribe MentalityRoll saves vs. compulsion/emotion spells with allies, take either result
Umbral ShiftDarkness racial spell-like abilityWhen in magical darkness, swap places with an ally who also has this feat as a swift action
Underhanded Teamwork*Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty TrickIncrease the length of an ally’s dirty trick use
UndermineCreate difficult terrain by using combat maneuvers on your enemies
Unspoken BondBluff 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranksCommunicate simple thoughts without words
Unusual Heritage (Changeling)ChangelingGain bonuses to concentration and dispel checks when near other changelings
Usurper's GuardBase attack bonus +3 or ability to cast 2nd-level spellsYou can guard your ally while they make a concentration check
Volley Fire*Point-Blank Shot+1 for each ally attacking the same target at range
Wall of FleshSmall size or smaller.Increase your size modifier with combat maneuvers
Wounded Paw Gambit*Broken Wing Gambit, Bluff 5 ranksWhen you use Broken Wing Gambit, nearby allies can attempt a ranged attack against the attacker