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Achievement Feats

Description Source Legacy of Fire Player's Guide pg. 28
Inspired by a variety of video games and board games that utilize similar conventions, achievement feats require the cooperation of the player and the GM to make the transition into the world of pen-and-paper RPGs. Players who seek to qualify for an achievement feat should tell their GM early so he can begin noting the PC’s progress toward the feat’s requirement, or be aware that the player is tracking his character’s accomplishments with this goal in mind. Although they require more bookkeeping to attain than typical feats, these feats are custom-designed to reward players of Legacy of Fire and should help PCs feel like they’ve accomplished something pertinent to the campaign’s goals. GMs who don’t think achievement feats are for their game can ignore this section with no detriment to their campaign, but for those who do test them out, we’d love to hear your stories and playtest experiences on our messageboards at

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

All Gnolls Must DieDeliver the killing blow to 20 gnolls (or similar)Gain a morale bonus on Will saves and a bonus to attack/damage gnolls and similar creatures
ChainbreakerOver the course of at least five different occasions, free a cumulative total of 50+ sentient beings held in unjust captivityGain a bonus to damage against slave-traders or masters
Devil's FoeFace 10 different devils in combat and take damage or suffer some other sort of injury from five or more attacks made by each one without falling unconscious, fleeing, or otherwise becoming unable to strike back at themAttacks count as good-aligned when bypassing a devil's DR
Eagle Knight CandidateCharacter level 5th, convince four different Eagle Knights and either a member of the People’s Council or an Andoran town mayor to write letters of commendation on your behalfJoin the Eagle Knights, gaining a unique benefit
Flame-Tested SurvivorKnocked unconscious or killed by fire damage at least 10 timesGain fire resistance 5 and +2 save vs. all fire effects
Gifted MesmeristSuccessfully affect 25 different targets with charm or compulsion spellsGain a charm or compulsion spell-like ability
GraverisenDie and be brought back at least twiceGain a supernatural ability to save yourself from death
Healer's TouchCure 1, 000 points of damage with healing spellsMaximize all your healing spells
History of ScarsTake a cumulative 1, 000 points of damageIncrease your natural armor with thick scars
Relentless ButcherConfirm at least 50 critical hitsStun your opponents when you critically hit
Talmandor's LiftingTake at least 10d6 falling damage on three different occasions and surviveCast a healing spell on an undamaged person, allowing them to trigger it at a later time