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2/17/18 9:34 PM PST

Getting back to the Pathfinder side of things this week, Book of the Damned is now complete along with an AP and a few other ones from the Player Companion line. Huge thanks to Devin for all of his work on these! The AP line is still the most behind, along with the remainder of Ultimate Wilderness, though I hope to get that caught up once Starfinder is in a good place.

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New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #117: Assault on Longshadow
[Player Companion] Disciple’s Doctrine
[Player Companion] People of the Wastes
[Player Companion] Potions & Poisons
[RPG] Book of the Damned

2/12/18 11:58 AM PST

The new Starfinder side of the Archives of Nethys is now live, over at! Go check out the main page for more details on what's new and what's to come. As for Pathfinder, an update will be coming on this site later this week, including the fully completed Book of the Damned (thanks be to Devin!)

Also, you can now get to this site at - the will be maintained so all old links will work, and eventually that domain will just forward to the one. So long as I maintain the site, I'll keep a hold of all primary domains used to ensure historical accuracy. :)

1/7/18 9:00 PM PST

Added some more from Ultimate Wilderness, up through the Kineticist section of Chapter 2. Enjoy!

1/6/18 11:15 PM PST

Happy New Year! An update has been a long time coming and I apologize to all for such a long holiday delay. Of the books below, Ultimate Wilderness is only partially complete - I’m hoping to finish it throughout the coming week, but wanted to get what I had so far up today as a teaser. In addition to the work done so far on that book, there are a number of other new books on the site. See below for the full list of changes, and enjoy!

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New Books

[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #114: Black Stars Beckon
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #115: Trail of the Hunted
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #116: Fangs of War
[Campaign Setting] Taldor, the First Empire
[Player Companion] Blood of the Coven
[Player Companion] The Antihero’s Handbook
[RPG] Ultimate Wilderness (Partial - All of Chapter 1, some of Chapter 2)

Other Changes

- Updated the layout of Cavalier Orders to separate each order into its own page (I’m not set on the non-table style layout of this section, email me your feedback! Do you prefer the table layout like with Archetypes, or a table-free layout like this?)
- Added a new section for Unique Witch Patrons
- Hag entries in the Monster section now include details on additional spells for their covens (eg: Annis Hag)

9/20/17 11:35 PM PST

Hello! September’s update comes a bit later into the month than normal, but packed with changes, bug fixes, and new books! The changelog is below, enjoy the Archives!

Oh, and I suppose I should answer a question I’ve been getting asked a lot: am I going to be doing a version of the Archives for Starfinder? Hmm. I admit, I have given it some thought.

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New Books

[Campaign Setting] Horror Realms
[Campaign Setting] Inner Sea Temples
[Campaign Setting] Planes of Power
[Campaign Setting] Qadira, Jewel of the East
[Comic] Pathfinder: Runescars 4
[Player Companion] Elemental Master’s Handbook

PFS Legality Updates

[Campaign Setting] Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
[Player Companion] Andoran, Spirt of Liberty
[Player Companion] Heroes of the High Court
[Player Companion] Legacy of the First World
[Player Companion] Paths of the Righteous
[RPG] Advanced Class Guide
[RPG] Adventurer’s Guide

Other Site Changes

- Updated Spellbooks with material from Ultimate Magic.
- Added a new section for Elemental Augmentations.
- Updated Elemental Schools to show their Focused versions.
- Re-designed the appearance of the Barbarian’s Rage Power page, breaking up the powers by sub-category. An Unchained version will come in a future release.
- Added Elemental Rage Powers.
- Adjusted the spells for Elemental Schools to incorporate additions from other books (eg: Air). All of these spells should include a hyperlink to their entry in the Spells database, if they are present on my site, so please contact me if you see missing ones.
- Added Ruse description to Custom Spell search.
- Fixed long-standing bug with no PFS legal symbols being shown on the detail pages for certain magic items (ones that are part of a subgroup, like a +1 ring of protection) - PFS Legal symbols now show (when appropriate) next to each sub-item in the Price line (eg: Headband of Alluring Charisma).
- Moved Inner Sea Primer specialized schools from Archetypes into Focused Schools (more appropriate section, despite them preceding Focused School creation).
- Finished all Subdomain changes, adding in all proper deity-subdomain mappings that were previously missing.
- Fixed ~30 other minor miscellaneous bugs and corrections.