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Tenebrous Spell (Metamagic)

Source Inner Sea Magic pg. 15
You blend shadow into your spells, increasing their efficacy at the price of susceptibility to light.

Benefit: When you cast a tenebrous spell in darkness or dim light, the spell’s effective caster level and any associated save DCs are increased by 1. Any attempts at dispelling a tenebrous spell in darkness or dim light take a –2 penalty on the dispel check.

Casting a tenebrous spell in bright light is difficult, and requires a concentration check (DC 15 + twice the tenebrous spell’s effective spell level). Attempts to dispel a tenebrous spell in bright light gain a +4 bonus on the dispel check.

You cannot use this feat on spells with the light descriptor. A tenebrous spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level, except in the case of spells with the darkness or shadow descriptor or of the illusion (shadow) subschool; this feat does not change the effective level of those spells (but still counts as using a metamagic feat for all other purposes).