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Summon Guardian Spirit

Source Monster Summoner's Handbook pg. 26
A guardian spirit has selected you as its ward.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast summon monster III or summon nature’s ally III.

Benefit: Select one creature that qualifies to be an improved familiar, and apply the guardian spirit template (see below) to it. That creature is added to either your summon monster III or summon nature’s ally III list as a summonable creature. When you summon your guardian spirit, the duration of the spell you use to summon it is 1 minute per level. A guardian spirit is always exactly the same creature, with memory of all the events that occurred while previously summoned; multiple versions of it can’t be summoned. If it’s killed while summoned, it cannot be summoned again for 24 hours.

If you’re capable of casting a higher-level summon monster or summon nature’s ally spell, you can perform a ritual to attune the guardian spirit to a higher-level version of the spell. This also allows you to change any selections made regarding the abilities the creature gains based on the level of spell used to conjure it (see the table on page 27). This ritual takes 24 hours, and once complete it moves the guardian spirit to the higherlevel list of creatures that can be summoned.