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Stygian Spell (Metamagic)

Source Planar Adventures pg. 32
Stygian spells forsake pure water for the memory-destroying tides of the River Styx.

Benefit: You can enhance any spell with the water descriptor that targets at least one creature to become a Stygian spell. Any creature successfully hit by a Stygian spell (if the spell requires an attack roll) or that fails its saving throw against a Stygian spell must succeed at a Will save (using the save DC of the original spell) or suffer the fugue lesser madness in addition to the spell’s normal effects. If the attack is a confirmed critical hit or the original saving throw result is a natural 1, the creature must instead succeed at a Will save (again using the same DC) or suffer the amnesia greater madness. Madness gained this way lasts indefinitely, but can be treated using the normal methods for curing madness. This is a mind-affecting effect, and creatures native to the River Styx are immune to it.

A spell modified by this feat gains the evil descriptor. A Stygian spell uses a spell slot 2 levels higher than the spell’s normal spell level. Spells with the good descriptor can’t be Stygian spells.