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Stronghold (Story)

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 72
You seek to build a bastion against which your enemies shall break like water against the rocks.

Prerequisites: You must have the Leadership feat and must lead at least 10 combat-capable followers (such as fighters or rangers).

Benefit: You can spend a move action to give battle orders to your troops, granting creatures under your command within 60 feet your choice of a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, a +1 dodge bonus to AC, or a +1 bonus on a single type of saving throw. All creatures must receive the same benefit. You can’t use this benefit on allies not under your command. This is a language-dependent, mind-affecting effect.

Goal: Build or capture a stronghold capable of housing a force of at least 200 troops, and staff it with at least 100 combat-capable soldiers (or the equivalent) under your command. You must also provide food and water sufficient to survive at least a 6-month siege and a gold reserve sufficient for at least 6 months of wages if your troops require pay.

Completion Benefit: Your battle order bonuses improve to +2, and the range of your orders increases to 120 feet. In addition, you can give two different orders to your troops. For example, you could grant your archers +2 on attack rolls while your front line gains a +2 bonus to AC.