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Spell Trick (Trick)

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 17
You are able to weave psychic contingencies into your target’s mind.

Prerequisites: Masterful tricks class feature, ability to cast 4th-level mesmerist spells.

Benefit: You can implant a spell trick in a target’s mind, following the same rules and limitations for implanting mesmerist tricks. A spell trick acts as a mesmerist trick in all ways, except you specify under what circumstances the spell trick can be triggered (known as the triggering condition) and what the trick’s effects are once it is triggered. When determining the spell trick’s effects, choose one mesmerist spell that you know. The spell trick duplicates the effects of the chosen spell when triggered, as if you had cast the spell using a mesmerist spell slot.

When you are implanting a spell trick, you must expend a mesmerist spell slot of a level equal to or higher than the chosen spell’s level. This spell can be countered and dispelled, and implanting it doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. You are considered the spell’s caster for all purposes, and the spell uses your caster level and ability score modifiers for all purposes. You can’t choose a spell with a range of personal unless you are implanting the trick in yourself or a target that you can share your spells with (such as via the share spells ability).

A spell trick counts as a contingency spell when determining the total number of contingencies that a creature can have active at once.