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Planar Traveler (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 12
The confines of the Material Plane cannot sate your wanderlust, and you walk between alternate spheres of reality unhindered.

Prerequisites: You must be related to an outsider or have been born on a plane other than the Material Plane.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks when outside your home plane. You can identify portals and other planar connections as well as where they lead by sight or touch with a successful DC 20 Perception check.

Goal: Spend at least 24 consecutive hours on three different planes of existence other than your home plane or more than a month on a single plane other than your home plane. Demiplanes do not count for the purposes of fulfilling this goal.

Completion Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell or use a magic item to travel to another plane, you always arrive exactly where you had intended. In addition, when identifying portals with the first benefit of this feat, you gain a glimpse of what you would see, hear, and smell upon arriving on the other end of the portal.

Suggested Traits: Fey Protection, Scholar of the Great BeyondAPG, Wanderlust.

Possible Planar Traveler Quests

1Your morbid curiosity urges you to journey through the Worldwound, either to contact or combat what impossible fiendish entities no doubt lurk beyond (page 198).
2Several weak points exist between the forested realms of the River Kingdoms and the plane known as the First World. You seek to learn the mysteries of that realm’s strange fey inhabitants (page 239).
3Ancient relics imply connections between the fallen Empire of Thassilon and the nightmare realm of Leng (pages 211, 245).
4The wealth of mortal cities pales in comparison to that of the fabled City of Brass on the Plane of Fire. You intend to seize at least a part of the metropolis’s incredible wealth for yourself (page 241).
5You have always been fascinated by death. Now, you wish to travel to its kingdom, the Boneyard, in life, either to rescue another soul from an uncertain fate or to learn of your own destiny (page 243).
6You have resolved to reach Hell’s vast fortress-capital Dis, where the magical treasures of Hell are available for a price (page 244).
7In Axis, the city of perfect order, you hope to scale the crystal spires where the laws of reality are carved so that you might understand or, perhaps, change them (page 243).
8The Immortal Ambulatory drifts among countless planes, allowing those who can reach the demiplane to visit many other realities. Perhaps by going there you can resolve long-unanswered questions regarding dragons and the nature of the multiverse (page 245).