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Pantheistic Blessing

Source Faiths and Philosophies pg. 21
You are grated a small bit of divine power as a result of your veneration of a pantheon of deities.

Prerequisites: Wis 13, must worship a pantheon of deities.

Benefit: When taking this feat, select a pantheon from the list below. You gain the listed spell-like ability for your selected pantheon, usable once per day. If the granted spell allows a saving throw, the DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier.

Special: If you act out of line with the tenets of your pantheon’s beliefs, you lose the ability to cast the granted spell-like ability until you have received an atonement for your transgression (as a cleric restoring lost class abilities).

Pantheons of Golarion

Each pantheon below notes the type of pantheon, as well as the member deities and the most common sorts of worshipers found within the faith. Additionally, each pantheon grants a spell-like ability to followers who take the Pantheistic Blessing feat. An asterisk after a deity’s name indicates that he or she is the head of the pantheon.

Archdevils (aligned, racial, and cultural)

Deities Asmodeus* (LE), Baalzebul (LE), Barbatos (LE), Belial (LE), Dispater (LE), Geryon (LE), Mammon (LE), Mephistopheles (LE), Moloch (LE)
Common Believers Chelaxians, devils, diabolists, tieflings
Granted Spell-Like Ability infernal healingISWG

Ascended Pantheon (cultural)

Deities Cayden Cailean (CG), Iomedae (LG), Norgorber (NE), Aroden (prior to his death), sometimes Irori (LN) and Nethys (N)
Common Believers Absalomians, adventurers, individualists
Granted Spell-Like Ability divine favor

Demon Lords (aligned, cultural, and racial)

Deities Abraxas (CE), Baphomet (CE), Cyth-V’sug (CE), Deskari (CE), Flauros (CE), Lamashtu* (CE), Nocticula (CE), Pazuzu (CE), Shax (CE), Sifkesh (CE), Zura (CE), many others
Common Believers drow, murderers, psychopaths
Granted Spell-Like Ability lesser confusion

Dwarven Pantheon (racial)

Deities Angradd (LG), Bolka (NG), Dranngvit (LN), Folgrit (LG), Grundinnar (LG), Kols (LN), Magrim (LN), Torag* (LG), Trudd (NG)
Common Believers dwarves
Granted Spell-Like Ability crafter’s fortuneAPG

Eldest (cultural and racial)

Deities Count Ranalc (CN), Green Mother (NE), Imbrex (LN), Lantern King (CN), Lost Prince (N), Magdh (LN), Ng (N), Ragadahn (CE), Shyka (N)
Common Believers druids, gnomes, fey
Granted Spell-Like Ability silent image

Elven Pantheon (racial)

Deities Calistria* (CN), Desna (CG), Findeladlara (CG), Ketephys (CG), Nethys (N), Yuelral (NG)
Common Believers elves, half-elves
Granted Spell-Like Ability identify

Empyreal Lords (aligned and cultural)

Deities Andoletta (LG), Arshea (NG), Korada (NG), Ragathiel (LG), Sinashakti (CG), Valani (CG), many others
Common Believers aasimars, angels, Kellids, Varisians.
Granted Spell-Like Ability protection from evil

Order of the God Claw Pantheon (aligned)

Deities Abadar (LN), Asmodeus (LE), Iomedae (LG), Irori (LN), Torag (LG)
Common Believers Hellknights
Granted Spell-Like Ability protection from chaos

Sandpoint Pantheon (cultural)

Deities Abadar (LN), Desna (CG), Erastil (LG), Gozreh (N), Sarenrae (NG), Shelyn (NG)
Common Believers natives of the Lost Coast
Granted Spell-Like Ability sanctuary

Taldan Pantheon (cultural)

Deities Abadar (LN), Cayden Cailean (CG), Norgorber (NE), Shelyn (NG)
Common Believers Taldan nationalists
Granted Spell-Like Ability shield of faith

Vudrani Pantheon (cultural)

Deities Chamidu (N), Dhalavei (LE), Gruhastha (LG), Irori* (LN), Lahkgya (CE), Likha (N), Ragdya (N), Raumya (NE), Suyuddha (LN), Vineshvakhi (LN), Vritra (LE), thousands of other deities
Common Believers Vudrani
Granted Spell-Like Ability true strike