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Our Bounty, Our Glory (Story)

Source Pathfinder #131: The Reaper's Right Hand pg. 77
You can ignore privation and channel your emotions to prepare for a later bounty.

Prerequisites: Be a member of House Denzarni, or have the Bloodthirsty, Omen, Tree Tender, or Unsuspecting Master background.

Benefit: You add 1 day to the time you can go without food or water before making Constitution checks and you add +4 to Constitution checks to stave off the effects of starvation and thirst.

Goal: You must succumb to your emotions and be victorious. Thwart an appropriate number of foes while you are subject to an effect with the emotion descriptor, such as rage.

Completion Benefit: Once per day, you can use heroes’ feast as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your character level, although your feast does not grant the effects of neutralize poison or remove disease.