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Mobile Gathering

Source Elemental Master's Handbook pg. 23
You can gather elemental energy while walking slowly.

Prerequisites: Kineticist level 7th, kinetic blast class feature.

Benefit: While taking a move action to gather power, you can move up to half your base speed, and while taking 1 full round to gather power, you can move up to half your speed on the turn you begin the full round of gathering power. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity, and you can’t use Acrobatics checks or other abilities to attempt to negate them, as you’re concentrating on gathering power (nor can you use Acrobatics to balance, jump, or do anything else that requires a skill check). It’s harder to concentrate on gathering power while using this feat; if you take damage during or after gathering power and before using a kinetic blast that releases it (including from an attack of opportunity provoked by the movement), the concentration check DC to avoid losing the gathered power increases by twice the blast’s effective spell level.