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Impressive Grit (Weapon Mastery)

Source Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 21
Your mastery of ranged weapons allows you to perform impressive deeds.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +11, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.

Benefit: Select one of the following gunslinger deedsUC: dead shot, startling shot, or targeting. You can perform the selected deed a number of times per day equal to your highest mental ability score modifier (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma; minimum 1). You can use this deed with an appropriate ranged weapon. If you also have the selected deed as a class feature, reduce the number of grit points that you need to use it by 1, as per the Signature DeedUC feat.

Special: You can select Impressive Grit up to three times. Each time you select it, choose a different gunslinger deed. A gunslingerUC can ignore the weapon training class feature prerequisite of Impressive Grit.