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Furious Spell (Metamagic)

Source Occult Adventures pg. 134
Your spells seethe with the ferocious intensity of your blood-red rage.

Benefit: A furious spell that deals hit point damage adds twice the spell’s original level to the amount of damage dealt by the spell. Spells that affect multiple targets deal the extra damage once to each target, regardless of whether the spell deals its damage all at once or in multiple hits (in the latter case, add the extra damage to the first hit against each target). In addition, a furious spell can be cast while the caster is enraged, including during a barbarian rage or while affected by a rage spell. Even a furious spell that requires an emotion component can be cast while enraged. The caster gains a +2 circumstance bonus on concentration checks and caster level checks related to casting a furious spell if she is enraged. A furious spell uses up a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s actual level.