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Fortune Teller

Source Inner Sea World Guide pg. 286, Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 143
As a result of being raised in a land steeped in tradition and superstition (such as Varisia or Ustalav), you are skilled at communicating with the spirit world.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast divination spells.

Benefit: Upon taking this feat, choose a focus item for your divination magic—a crystal ball, runes, a Harrow deck, or some such item. Whenever you cast a spell from the divination school, you may use this focus item instead of the spell’s material component, as long as the cost of the material component is no more than 1,000 gp. If you choose to perform the spell using your focus item and the spell’s normal material component (regardless of that component’s cost), you cast the spell at +1 caster level.