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Footslasher (Combat)

Source Rival Guide pg. 35
You are trained to strike at a large foe’s feet to impede its movement and cause great pain.

Benefit: If you damage a foe that is of a larger size category than you with a weapon that does piercing or slashing damage, you can attempt to damage the creature’s feet in a way that impedes its movement. Attacking a foe in this way is a standard action—you cannot use Footslasher as part of a full-attack action. When you use Footslasher, you take a –2 penalty on your attack roll, but if you hit and deal at least 1 point of damage to the target, it is affected as if by caltrops—its speed is reduced by half. This penalty lasts for 24 hours, or until the creature is successfully treated with a DC 15 Heal check or receives at least 1 point of magical healing. Footslasher does not stack with itself—once a foe has been wounded by this attack, its speed cannot be further reduced by additional attacks (or by damage from caltrops).