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Foeslayer (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 10, Ultimate Campaign pg. 69
Your feud with your enemies can be quenched only with blood.

Prerequisites: You must have been defeated and robbed of at least half your possessions by a particular group of humanoids or monstrous humanoids, or have the An Eye for an Eye, Hated Foe, Raiders, or Vengeance background (see Ultimate Campaign). You may choose a specific race, such as duergar, or a broader group, such as goblinoids. At the GM’s discretion, you may instead choose residents of a particular country, settlement, or tribe.

Benefit: The save DCs for any of your spells or abilities increase by 1 when used against the chosen group, and you receive a +1 dodge bonus to AC against their attacks.

Goal: Slay an appropriate number of challenging foes.

Completion Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Improved Critical feat on attacks made against members of your chosen race. Your dodge bonus to AC against such foes increases to +2.

Suggested Traits: Dirty FighterAPG, Sworn Enemy, Vengeful.

Possible Foeslayer Quests

1You saw many friends and family fall in the Goblinblood Wars that wracked Isger years ago. Now, as goblins multiply again, you’ve decided to take the fight to them (page 82).
2Robbed by pirates from the Shackles, you have vowed to hunt down all of their kind (determine race randomly) (page 170).
3A friend or relative of yours was slain senselessly by strix while passing near Devil’s Perch in Cheliax, and you’ve vowed to exact revenge against the aggressors and their kin (page 57).
4When you were enslaved by gnolls, you were freed by the djinni that raided their camp. Now, you would find the genies again so that you might together put a more permanent end to the gnoll threat in western Katapesh (page 91).
5You desire to match and then exceed the achievements of your ancestor Queen Boliga Bharsolm, still remembered in Numeria for felling a giant king in the Battle of Grasyhot (page 143).
6In Canterwall, the denizens of various hamlets along the border between the Hold of Belkzen and Ustalav have been mysteriously disappearing. You’ve determined to locate the evildoers responsible and make them pay the price for their foul deeds (page 193).
7When you traveled through southern Rahadoum, boggard priests of Rovagug from the Sodden Lands took a family treasure from you as an offering to their foul god (page 175).
8The borderlands along the Hold of Belkzen are constantly seething with tribal conflicts, and one of them left you hungry for revenge against the orc aggressors (page 46).