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Finesse Shot (Weapon Mastery)

Source Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 21
You can use ranged attacks to perform actions that require finesse.

Prerequisites: Marksman’s Utility, base attack bonus +7, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.

Benefit: In addition to the options allowed by the utility shotUC gunslinger deed, you gain access to the following utility shots.

Open/Close Object: You can use a ranged attack to open or close an object as a standard action. You make an attack roll against an unattended and unlocked door, window, or container within the first range increment of your weapon. Such an object has an AC equal to 3 + the object’s size modifier (minimum +0) + its hardness. If you hit, the object opens if it is closed or closes if it is open. Otherwise, this ability functions as the open/close spell.

Triggering Shot: You can use a ranged attack to trigger a trap. You make a ranged attack against a trap you are aware of that is within your weapon’s first range increment. The trap’s AC is equal to 10 + its Disable Device DC. If you hit, the trap automatically triggers as if its trigger condition had been met.

Use Object: You can attempt to use a simple object by shooting it as a standard action. This ability functions as the scoot unattended object use of the utility shot deed, except you pull or push the object in such a way that it activates. For example, you can shoot an unattended lever, causing it to activate and lower a drawbridge.