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Fey Obedience

Source The First World, Realm of the Fey pg. 17
Your devotion to one of the Eldest is so great that daily prayer and offerings grant you special boons.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must worship one of the Eldest.

Benefit: Each Eldest requires a different obedience, but each obedience takes only 1 hour to perform. Once you’ve performed the obedience, you gain the benefit of a special ability or resistance as indicated in the “Obedience” entry for that Eldest.

If you have at least 12 Hit Dice, you also gain the first boon granted by your Eldest upon undertaking your obedience. If you have at least 16 Hit Dice, you also gain the Eldest’s second boon. If you have at least 20 Hit Dice, you also gain the Eldest’s third boon. Unless a specific duration or number of uses per day is listed, a boon’s effects are constant.

Feysworn gain access to these boons at lower levels as a benefit of their prestige class.

If you ever fail to perform a daily obedience, you lose all access to the benefits and boons granted by this feat until you next perform the obedience.