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Familiar Link (Coven, Teamwork)

Source Blood of the Coven pg. 13
Within your coven, you have formed a bond with your fellow witches’ familiars.

Prerequisites: Coven hex or Coven-Touched, familiar or spirit animal class feature, witch level 1st.

Benefit: You share an empathic link with the familiars of all other witches in your coven who also have this feat, as per the witch’s familiar ability. Additionally, you can use the share spells, deliver touch spells, and scry on familiar abilities with a coven member’s familiar as the target, as long as your witch level is high enough to grant access to these abilities. You can communicate with the familiar using its speak with master ability. You gain a +5 bonus on Spellcraft checks to help your familiar learn spells from a coven member’s familiar.