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Eldritch Heritage

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 149
You are descended from a long line of sorcerers, and some portion of their power flows in your veins.

Prerequisites: Cha 13, Skill Focus with the class skill of bloodline selected for this feat (see below), character level 3rd.

Benefit: Select one sorcerer bloodline. You must have Skill focus in the class skill that bloodline grants to a sorcerer at 1st level (for example, Heal for the celestial bloodline). This bloodline cannot be a bloodline you already have. You gain the first-level bloodline power for the selected bloodline. For purposes of using that power, treat your sorcerer level as equal to your character level – 2, even if you have levels in sorcerer. You do not gain any of the other bloodline abilities.

Mythic Eldritch Heritage

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 64
The blood of your sorcerous ancestor mingles with your mythic power to great effect.

Prerequisites: Eldritch HeritageUM.

Benefit: You gain sorcerer bloodline powers of the bloodline tied to Eldritch Heritage as if your sorcerer level were your character level – 2. For that bloodline’s 1st-level bloodline power, use your full character level to determine its effect; for all other bloodline powers, treat your sorcerer level as your character level – 2.