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Diverse Obedience

Source Divine Anthology pg. 11
Your intense faith in your deity allows you to gain boons not granted to most followers.

Prerequisites: Deific ObedienceISG, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, alignment must match that of your worshiped deity.

Benefit: You are treated as though you had 2 more Hit Dice than you actually do for the purposes of determining what divine boons you gain as a result of performing your deity’s obedience. Diverse Obedience doesn’t allow access to divine boons granted through prestige classes early, as those boons are tied to prestige class levels gained, not overall Hit Dice. If you take levels in a prestige class or archetype that offers accelerated access to a boon, this benefit may be superfluous.

Additionally, whenever you would gain a boon as a result of your Deific Obedience feat (and not through a prestige class), you can choose among the options available for evangelist, exalted, or sentinel boons. Once you make the selection, it is permanent, but you can choose from a different category each time you gain a new boon as you increase your Hit Dice.