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Crypt Spell (Metamagic)

Source Planar Adventures pg. 26
You can infuse your magic with the unswayable power of the Boneyard, sending foes to face ineluctable judgment.

Benefit: You can enhance any spell that inflicts hit point damage to become a crypt spell. A creature that dies within 1 round of being damaged by a crypt spell is considered to have been killed by a death effect for the purpose of being returned to life. An undead creature damaged by a crypt spell gains the sickened condition for a number of rounds equal to the spell’s original spell level; this duration is halved if the undead creature succeeds at its saving throw against the spell. If the spell does not allow a save, the target can attempt a Will save to negate the sickened effect. A crypt spell gains the death descriptor.

A crypt spell uses a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s normal spell level.