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Create Sanguine Elixir

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 148
You can condense a fraction of your bloodline’s power into a powerful elixir.

Prerequisites: Cha 15, Brew Potion, Craft (alchemy) 12 ranks, sorcerer level 3rd.

Benefit: Once per day, when you clear your mind to regain spell slots, you can create a sanguine elixir. When you do, pick one of your bloodline powers. You transfer that power into a small potion that any creature can drink to temporarily gain the benefit of your bloodline power. Creating a sanguine elixir takes 1 hour, and requires special oils and distillates worth 100 gp, and when you make the sanguine elixir, you lose access to the bloodline power until the next time you clear your mind to regain spell slots.

When a creature drinks a sanguine elixir, it can activate the bloodline power anytime before the end of its next turn, as if it had access to that bloodline power. A creature that drinks the elixir cannot gain the benefit if its character level does not equal or exceed the minimum level of the bloodline power. Any level-dependent effects use the character level of the creature that drinks the sanguine elixir, or your sorcerer level, whichever is lower. Drinking a sanguine elixir is just like drinking a potion. A sanguine elixir is treated as a magic item with your caster level.

Sanguine elixirs are extremely unstable. They lose their potency 1 day after they are created.