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Channel Deific Essence

Source Planar Adventures pg. 26
Rather than bringing forth positive or negative energy to heal allies or blast undead, you channel a fraction of your deity’s power into yourself.

Prerequisites: Alignment Channel, channel energy 5d6, domain class feature, same alignment as patron deity.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can expend a use of channel energy to select a domain you have. You gain the ability associated with that domain from the invoke deity spell for a number of rounds equal to your number of channel energy dice. While this ability is active, taking actions directly opposed to your deity’s teachings or alignment causes you to take the penalties listed in invoke deity and ends this effect. You can gain only one ability from this feat at a time, and its effects do not stack with invoke deity.

If you instead expend two uses of channel energy, you can instead infuse a single willing target within 30 feet with deific essence. The target need not be a worshiper of your deity, but is subject to the same penalties if it takes actions directly opposed to your deity’s teachings or alignment.