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Catch Off-Guard (Combat)

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 119
Foes are surprised by your skilled use of unorthodox and improvised weapons.

Benefit: You do not suffer any penalties for using an improvised melee weapon. Unarmed opponents are flat-footed against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon.

Normal: You take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with an improvised weapon.

Combat Trick (from the Combat Stamina feat)

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 115
When making an attack with an improvised weapon against an armed opponent, you can spend 5 stamina points. If you do, the target is considered flat-footed during that attack. An opponent who recognizes you and has seen you use Catch Off-Guard in this way is immune to this effect.

Mythic Catch Off-Guard

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 60
In your hands, anything is a deadly weapon.

Prerequisites: Catch Off-Guard.

Benefit: The damage dealt when you use improvised weapons increases by your tier. You also gain a bonus to CMD equal to your tier when an opponent attempts to sunder or disarm an improvised weapon you’re wielding.