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Bouncing Trick (Trick)

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 16
Your mesmerist trick jumps to a new target after the trick is triggered.

Prerequisites: Mesmerist trick class feature.

Benefit: Whenever you implant a mesmerist trick in a target’s mind, you can spend any number of additional uses of your mesmerist trick ability to transform the trick into a bouncing trick. The maximum number of uses of the mesmerist trick ability that you can spend on a single bouncing trick is equal to your Charisma modifier.

After you trigger a bouncing trick, you can redirect the trick to one target within 30 feet as an immediate action. The redirected trick is immediately implanted in the new target’s mind, as if it were the original target. You can’t implant a bouncing trick in a target that has been previously implanted with that same bouncing trick. You can’t implant a creature with a bouncing trick in this manner if doing so would place it above the maximum number of mesmerist tricks that you can implant in a single target.

You can redirect the trick multiple times, up to the number of additional uses of the mesmerist trick ability that you spent on the bouncing trick. If you don’t use an immediate action to redirect a bouncing trick as soon as the trick is triggered, any remaining uses of the mesmerist trick ability that you invested in the bouncing trick are lost.