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All Gnolls Must Die (Achievement)

Source Legacy of Fire Player's Guide pg. 29
Your name is whispered by black lips throughout the Uwaga Highlands as a bringer of death and pain—few are the gnolls who don’t quake when they hear stories of your deeds.

Prerequisites: Deliver the killing blow to 20 gnolls, hyenas, dire hyenas, werehyenas, jackalweres, or minions of Lamashtu.

Benefit: As long as you carry some sort of trophy harvested from a gnoll (a necklace of ears, a set of teeth, a magic weapon taken from a chieftain, etc.), you gain a +2 morale bonus on all Will saves. You also gain a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against gnolls, hyenas, dire hyenas, werehyenas, jackalweres, and minions of Lamashtu.