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Ultimate Campaign

Estimated Release Date: 5/17/2013
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Drawbacks [17]

Attached, Avarice, Dependent, Doubt, Family Ties, Headstrong, Hedonistic, Lovesick, Meticulous, Paranoid, Power-Hungry, Pride, Provincial, Sentimental, Vain, Xenophobic, Zealous

Feats [28]

Accursed, Arisen, Battlefield Healer, Champion, Damned, Deny the Reaper, Eldritch Researcher, Fearless Zeal, Feral Heart, Foeslayer, Forgotten Past, Glimpse Beyond, Innocent Blood, Liberator, Lost Legacy, Magnum Opus, Monument Builder, Nation Builder, Nemesis, Prophet, Redemption, Shamed, Stronghold, Thief of Legend, Town Tamer, True Love, Unforgotten, Vengeance

Traits [220]

Acrobat, Adopted, Air-Touched, Alchemical Adept, Alchemical Intuition, Almost Human, Ambitious, Anatomist, Animal Friend, Arcane Revitalization, Arcane Temper, Armor Expert, Artisan, Ascendant Recollection, Asmodean Demon Hunter, Axe to Grind, Bastard, Battlefield Disciple, Beacon of Faith, Beast Bond, Birthmark, Black Powder Bravado, Black Powder Fortune, Black Powder Interjection, Bladed Magic, Blessed, Blood of Dragons, Bloodthirsty, Brewmaster, Bruising Intellect, Brute, Bullied, Bully, Calistrian Courtesan, Canter, Caretaker, Charming, Child of Nature, Child of the Streets, Child of the Temple, Civilized, Classically Schooled, Cold and Calculating, Corpse Cannibal, Courageous, Criminal, Cross-Disciplined, Cross-Knowledge, Dangerously Curious, Deathtouched, Dedicated Defender, Deft Dodger, Desert Child, Desperate Resolve, Desperate Speed, Destined Diplomat, Devotee of the Green, Dirty Fighter, Disdainful Defender, Dispelled Battler, Divine Warrior, Ear for Music, Earth-Touched, Ease of Faith, Easy Way or the Hard Way, Eldritch Delver, Elven Reflexes, Enduring Mutagen, Evasive Sting, Eyes and Ears of the City, Failed Apprentice, Faith's Hunter, Fast Talker, Fate's Favored, Fearless Defiance, Fencer, Fiend Blood, Flame of the Dawnflower, Flame-Touched, Focused Burn, Focused Disciple, Focused Mind, Forlorn, Fortified Drinker, Freedom Fighter (Halfling), Friend in Every Town, Frontier-Forged, Gifted Adept, Goldsniffer, Greater Link, Greater Purpose, Grief-Filled, Guardian of the Forge, Harvester, Hedge Magician, Hidden Hand, Highlander, History of Heresy, Hunter's Knack, Imposing Scion, Indelible Ire, Indomitable Faith, Influence, Inspired, Just Like New, Killer, Kin Bond, Kin Guardian, Knowing the Enemy, Knowledgeable Caster, Larger Than Life, Life of Toil, Linked Surge, Log Roller, Loyalty across Lifetimes, Magic Crafter, Magic Is Life, Magical Knack, Magical Lineage, Magical Talent, Malleable Magic, Martial Manuscript, Martial Performer, Mathematical Prodigy, Mentored, Mercenary, Merchant, Meticulous Concoction, Militia Veteran, Natural-Born Leader, Nature's Mimic, Never Stop Shooting, Oathbound, Omen, Ordinary, Orphaned, Outcast, Outcast's Intuition, Pain Is Pleasure, Partial Protege, Patient Optimist, Perfectionist's Brew, Perpetual Companion, Planar Savant, Possessed, Poverty-Stricken, Pragmatic Activator, Precise Treatment, Principled, Prophesied, Rapscallion, Reactionary, Reckless, Reckless Contempt, Reincarnated, Reluctant Apprentice, Resilient, Resilient Caster, Resolve of the Rejected, Rich Parents, River Rat, Sacred Conduit, Sacred Touch, Savage, Savanna Child, Scarred Descendant, Scholar of Ruins, Scholar of the Great Beyond, Schooled Inquisitor, Scrapper, Sea-Souled, Seeker, Self-Taught Scholar, Shadow Whispers, Shrouded Casting, Simple Disciple, Skeptic, Spirit Sense, Starchild, Startling Report, Storm-Touched, Strength Foretold, Style Sage, Surface Stranger, Surprise Weapon, Suspicious, Tactician, Talented, Tenacious Shifting, Tireless Avenger, Tireless Logic, Trustworthy, Truth's Agent, Tundra Child, Tunnel Fighter, Twinned Presence, Unblemished Barrel, Undead Slayer (Pharasma), Unintentional Linguist, Unnatural Revenge, Unpredictable, Unscathed, Unseen but Not Undone, Unstable Mutagen, Vagabond Child, Veiled Disciple, Veteran of Battle, Vigilant Battler, Voice of Monsters, Volatile Conduit, Wanderer's Shroud, Warrior of Old, Water-Touched, Weathered Emissary, Well-Informed, Wisdom in the Flesh, World Traveler, Worldly, Wrecking Wrath, Zealous Striker