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Whispering Coin

Source Pathfinder #62: Curse of the Lady's Light pg. 63
Aura moderate divination; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 3,000 gp; Weight


This ancient gold coin measures an inch in diameter and a quarter of an inch thick. One face bears one of the seven Thassilonian runes for magic and sin, while the opposite side bears the image of a broken column. When carried, a whispering coin periodically haunts its carrier with soft whispers that seem to be in Thassilonian, but which are never loud enough to understand. These whispers are only slightly distracting, and in fact offer a boon to the carrier of the coin— they grant a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws against spells of the school of magic associated with the coin’s rune (the coin found in this adventure bears the rune of lust, and thus grants a +1 resistance bonus against enchantment spells).

Once per day, when the bearer flips the whispering coin and asks a question in Thassilonian while the coin is in the air, the coin provides an answer to the question as it lands, either “yes” (the Thassilonian rune) or “no” (the broken column); the word “yes” or “no” is also whispered into the user’s ear as the answer is determined. A whispering coin’s knowledge is limited to events that have a significant chance to affect the coin’s carrier in the immediate future (no further out than a few minutes), and is further limited to facts, not conjecture. You could ask a whispering coin whether a door you were about to open is trapped, but not “Is the king the mastermind of the conspiracy we just learned about?” The GM, in other words, can determine whether or not a whispering coin can answer or not—if the coin can’t answer, it spins on its edge upon landing for several seconds before flopping over to a random side and does not whisper a “yes” or “no” into the user’s ear. The coin’s one use for the day is still consumed.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, augury, resistance; Cost 1,500 gp