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Wondrous Items - Ioun Stones

Description Source: Pathfinder Society Primer

Resonant Powers

When an ioun stone is set within the special indentation in a wayfinder, a secondary resonant power sometimes manifests to augment the ioun stone’s powers, though this suppresses the wayfinder’s normal magical abilities. This minor function is in addition to the stone’s normal abilities, which continue to affect the wayfinder’s bearer as though the stone were orbiting her head. Two resonating wayfinders wielded by the same character suppress one another’s abilities, but both return to normal when one wayfinder is set aside.

Only 75% of ioun stones grant resonant powers when placed in a wayfinder.

Cracked Ioun Stones

A cracked ioun stone bears an obvious chink or cleft; its power is usually the same as that of an undamaged stone, but weaker. Only 25% of cracked ioun stones grant resonant powers when placed in a wayfinder.

Flawed Ioun Stones

A flawed ioun stone’s power is usually similar to and weaker than that of a normal ioun stone, but sometimes it has side effects or slightly different effects than its normal counterpart. Only 25% of flawed ioun stones grant resonant powers when placed in a wayfinder.
Dull GrayFlawedStoneNone25 gp
Dull GrayCrackedStoneNone25 gp
Dull GrayNormalStoneNone25 gp
AmethystCrackedPyramid+2 Knowledge (religion) to identify undead150 gp
GoldCrackedNodule+1 competence bonus to Linguistics checks150 gp
Deep RedCrackedSphere+1 competence bonus on one Dexterity-based skill200 gp
Incandescent BlueCrackedSphere+1 competence bonus on one Wisdom-based skill200 gp
MossyCrackedDisk+1 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill200 gp
Pale BlueCrackedRhomboid+1 competence bonus on one Strength-based skill200 gp
Pale RubyCrackedTrillian+1 competence bonus on Stealth checks200 gp
Pink and GreenCrackedSphere+1 competence bonus on one Charisma-based skill200 gp
Scarlet and BlueCrackedSphere+1 competence bonus on one Intelligence-based skill200 gp
TurquoiseCrackedSphere+1 competence bonus on Ride checks200 gp
Dark BlueFlawedRhomboid+2 competence bonus on Perception checks and a –1 penalty to initiative checks300 gp
Dark BlueCrackedRhomboid+1 competence bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks400 gp
MulberryCrackedPentacle+1 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks400 gp
VermilionCrackedRhomboid+1 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks400 gp
AgateCrackedEllipsoid80% success one-use augury500 gp
Dusty RoseCrackedPrism+1 competence bonus on initiative checks500 gp
IridescentCrackedSpindle+4 competence bonus on Constitution checks to hold breath500 gp
TourmalineFlawedSphereTake a bit longer to die from negative hit points; -1 penalty to stabilize checks600 gp
AgateFlawedEllipsoid100% success one-use augury, lose any abilities to reroll some checks for 24 hours after use800 gp
MagentaCrackedPrism+2 competence bonus on checks with any one skill800 gp
TourmalineCrackedSphere+1 insight bonus on saves versus death effects800 gp
AgateNormalEllipsoid100% success one-use augury1,000 gp
ClearCrackedSpindleSustains creature on half normal food1,000 gp
GoldFlawedNoduleComprehend and read, but not speak or write, a single language1,000 gp
Nacreous GrayFlawedSphereProtects against the appearance of aging1,000 gp
OrangeCrackedPrismAdd one 0-level spell to user’s spells known or prepared1,000 gp
TourmalineNormalSphereTake a bit longer to die from negative hit points1,000 gp
PinkCrackedRhomboid+4 competence bonus on one type of check affected by Endurance1,400 gp
Scarlet and GreenCrackedCabochon+4 competence bonus on one type of check affected by Endurance1,400 gp
GambogeCrackedNoduleImmunity to one kind of poison1,500 gp
Opalescent WhiteCrackedPyramidWeapon familiarity with one weapon1,500 gp
MossyFlawedDisk+5 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill, –2 penalty to Constitution1,600 gp
Pale RubyFlawedTrillian+5 competence bonus on Stealth checks, –2 penalty to Dexterity1,600 gp
Pale OrangeCrackedRhomboidReduce the cost of material components needed to return you to life1,800 gp
ClearFlawedSpindleSustains creature without food, but it must consume twice the normal amount of water2,000 gp
EmeraldCrackedEllipsoid1 temporary hit point (stacks)2,000 gp
Vibrant PurpleCrackedPrismStores one spell level, as a ring of spell storing (minor)2,000 gp
Pale LavenderCrackedEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 1st level or lower (see text)2,500 gp
Opalescent WhiteFlawedPyramidProficiency with one weapon, –2 penalty to Dexterity3,000 gp
BrownCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on trip attempts3,200 gp
CrimsonCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on bull rush attempts3,200 gp
OrangeCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on sunder attempts3,200 gp
SilverCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on overrun attempts3,200 gp
TealCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on disarm attempts3,200 gp
VioletCrackedThorny+1 competence bonus on grapple attempts3,200 gp
AmberCrackedSpindle+1 resistance bonus on one save (stacks)3,400 gp
Nacreous GrayCrackedSphereProtects against one type of ability damage from aging3,400 gp
Pearly WhiteCrackedSpindleRegenerate 1 point of damage per hour3,400 gp
ClearNormalSpindleSustains creature without food or water4,000 gp
Dusty RoseFlawedPrism+1 insight bonus to AC, –2 penalty to Constitution4,000 gp
Pale GreenCrackedPrism+1 competence bonus on attack rolls or saving throws4,000 gp
WesternNormalStarGrants disguise self4,000 gp
Dusty RoseNormalPrism+1 insight bonus to AC5,000 gp
GoldNormalNoduleLearn a new language5,000 gp
MossyNormalDisk +5 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill5,000 gp
Pale RubyNormalTrillian+5 competence bonus on Stealth checks5,000 gp
TurquoiseFlawedSphere+5 competence bonus on Ride checks5,000 gp
AmberFlawedSpindle+1 resistance bonus on saves per stone (stacks)6,000 gp
AmethystFlawedPyramidPass undetected from undead, -1 AC/saves against undead6,000 gp
Deep RedFlawedSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, –2 penalty to Constitution6,000 gp
EasternNormalStarGrants comprehend languages6,000 gp
Pale BlueFlawedRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Strength, –2 penalty to Constitution6,000 gp
PinkFlawedRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Constitution, –2 penalty to Dexterity6,000 gp
Pink and GreenFlawedSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Charisma, –2 penalty to Constitution6,000 gp
Scarlet and BlueFlawedSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence, –2 penalty to Constitution6,000 gp
TurquoiseNormalSphere+5 competence bonus on Ride checks and Fleet (as the feat) for your mount6,000 gp
BrownFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on trip attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against trip attempts6,900 gp
CrimsonFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on bull rush attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against bull rush attempts6,900 gp
OrangeFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on sunder attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against sunder attempts6,900 gp
SilverFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on overrun attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against overrun attempts6,900 gp
TealFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on disarm attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against disarm attempts6,900 gp
VioletFlawedThorny+2 competence bonus on grapple attempts; -2 penalty to CMD against grapple attempts6,900 gp
Incandescent BlueFlawedSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom, –2 penalty on Perception checks7,200 gp
AmethystNormalPyramidPass undetected from undead8,000 gp
AzureFlawedBrioletteGain 1 temp hp when a creature fails a save against your spell8,000 gp
BrownNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on trip attempts8,000 gp
CrimsonNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on bull rush attempts8,000 gp
Dark GreenNormalRhomboidNotice poison within 5 ft.8,000 gp
Deep RedNormalSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity8,000 gp
Incandescent BlueNormalSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom8,000 gp
OrangeNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on sunder attempts8,000 gp
Pale BlueNormalRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Strength8,000 gp
PinkNormalRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Constitution8,000 gp
Pink and GreenNormalSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Charisma8,000 gp
Scarlet and BlueNormalSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence8,000 gp
Scarlet and GreenFlawedCabochonEndurance (as the feat), extra penalties for fatigue and exhaustion8,000 gp
SilverNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on overrun attempts8,000 gp
SouthernNormalStarSwim 30 ft.8,000 gp
TealNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on disarm attempts8,000 gp
VermilionFlawedRhomboid+5 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks, –2 to Constitution8,000 gp
VioletNormalThorny+2 competence bonus on grapple attempts8,000 gp
MulberryFlawedPentacle+5 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, –2 penalty to Will saves8,700 gp
AmberNormalSpindle+1 resistance bonus on saves (stacks)10,000 gp
Dark BlueNormalRhomboidAlertness (as the feat)10,000 gp
Deep BrownNormalSphereKnow how far you are above or below sea level10,000 gp
EmeraldFlawedEllipsoid5 temporary hit points (stacks), 1 negative level (stacks)10,000 gp
Lavender and GreenCrackedEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 2nd level or lower (see text)10,000 gp
MulberryNormalPentacle+5 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks10,000 gp
Nacreous GrayNormalSphereProtects against aging10,000 gp
NorthernNormalStar+5 Acrobatics and Climb10,000 gp
Opalescent WhiteNormalPyramidProficiency with one weapon10,000 gp
Scarlet and GreenNormalCabochonEndurance (as the feat)10,000 gp
VermilionNormalRhomboid+5 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks10,000 gp
CrimsonCrackedSphereIn pairs, +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks)12,000 gp
IridescentFlawedSpindleSustains creature without air, but creature is always staggered12,000 gp
MagentaFlawedPrism+2 enhancement bonus to any one ability score; can only be changed 4 times12,000 gp
OnyxCrackedRhomboidIn pairs, +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks)12,000 gp
Pale OrangeFlawedRhomboidStore your soul prior to death; one use only12,000 gp
SilverCrackedSpindleGain the use of a 0-level spell-like ability12,000 gp
AzureCrackedBrioletteGain temp hp when a creature fails a save against your spell, to a maximum of your Cha bonus14,000 gp
AzureNormalBrioletteGain temp hp when a creature fails a save against your spell15,000 gp
CrimsonFlawedSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks/doesn't stack)16,000 gp
MagentaNormalPrism+2 enhancement bonus to any one ability score16,000 gp
OnyxFlawedRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks/doesn't stack)16,000 gp
SilverFlawedSpindleGain the use of a 1st-level spell-like ability; take 1d3 Charisma damage on each use16,000 gp
IridescentNormalSpindleSustains creature without air18,000 gp
Pale LavenderFlawedEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 3rd level or lower, deals user damage (see text)18,000 gp
Pearly WhiteFlawedSpindleRegenerate 4 points of damage per hour18,000 gp
EmeraldNormalEllipsoid5 temporary hit points (stacks)20,000 gp
Pale LavenderNormalEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 4th level or lower (see text)20,000 gp
Pearly WhiteNormalSpindleRegenerate 1 point of damage per 10 minutes20,000 gp
CrimsonNormalSphere+2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks)24,000 gp
OnyxNormalRhomboid+2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks)24,000 gp
SilverNormalSpindleGain the use of a 1st-level spell-like ability24,000 gp
OrangeFlawedPrism+1 caster level, –2 to primary casting ability score25,000 gp
Pale GreenFlawedPrism+1 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks28,000 gp
OrangeNormalPrism+1 caster level30,000 gp
Pale GreenNormalPrism+1 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks30,000 gp
Emerald Wedge+2 enhancement bonus to Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom32,000 gp
PearlescentCrackedPyramidGain the effects of ghost touch and see invisibility but lose any magical enhancement bonuses on weapons32,000 gp
Lavender and GreenFlawedEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 6th level or lower, deals damage to user (see text)36,000 gp
Vibrant PurpleFlawedPrismStores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing (minor), casting time increased36,000 gp
Vibrant PurpleNormalPrismStores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing36,000 gp
GambogeFlawedNoduleImmunity to poison, –4 penalty against curses and diseases40,000 gp
Lavender and GreenNormalEllipsoidAbsorbs spells of 8th level or lower (see text)40,000 gp
PearlescentFlawedPyramidGain the effects of ghost touch45,000 gp
PearlescentNormalPyramidGain the effects of ghost touch and see invisibility48,000 gp
GambogeNormalNoduleImmunity to poison54,000 gp
SepiaNormalEllipsoidContains the powers of multiple ioun stones, but also drains powers from nearby ioun stones68,000 gp
Pale OrangeNormalRhomboidStore your soul prior to death200,000 gp