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Wondrous Items - Head

Gag of Silence500 gp
Quick-Change Mask650 gp
Veil of Attentiveness750 gp
Cap of Human Guise800 gp
Bridle of Tricks (3 tricks)900 gp
Cap of Light900 gp
Plume of Panache1,000 gp
Shawl of Shadowy Disguise1,350 gp
Skinsaw Mask1,500 gp
Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type I)1,500 gp
Bridle of Tricks (4 tricks)1,600 gp
False Face1,600 gp
Besmara's Bicorne1,700 gp
Hat of Disguise1,800 gp
Buffering Cap2,000 gp
Caller's Feather2,000 gp
Glarecutter Goggles2,000 gp
Plaguebringer's Mask2,000 gp
Holy Mask of the Living God2,100 gp
Keffiyeh of Cooling2,100 gp
Gray Gambler's Hat2,400 gp
Bridle of Tricks (5 tricks)2,500 gp
Mask of the Cursed Eye2,500 gp
Besmara's Tricorne2,600 gp
Animal Mask2,700 gp
Hood of the Living2,840 gp
Diabolical Masquerade Mask2,900 gp
Hollow Mask3,000 gp
Mask of Cutting Flesh3,000 gp
Miser's Mask3,000 gp
Ossuary Mask3,100 gp
Explorer's Pith Helmet3,200 gp
Shawl of the Lingering Phantom3,200 gp
Veil of Veils3,300 gp
Cap of Enervation3,500 gp
Maiden's Helm3,500 gp
Mortuary Mask3,500 gp
Stag's Helm3,500 gp
Stalker's Mask3,500 gp
Demon Mother's Mask3,600 gp
Kybwa'ka War Mask3,700 gp
Tlil Mask3,700 gp
Lore Needle4,000 gp
Mask of Conflicting Energies4,000 gp
Traveling Master's Turban4,000 gp
Vagrant's Hood4,400 gp
Bastion Crown4,500 gp
Circlet of Persuasion4,500 gp
Diadem of Inspiring Rule4,500 gp
Hat of the Seven Winds4,500 gp
Ushanka of the Northlands4,500 gp
Grappler's Mask5,000 gp
Helm of Fearsome Mien5,000 gp
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier5,000 gp
Mask of Destruction and Creation (Nethys)5,000 gp
Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic5,200 gp
Cyclops Helm5,600 gp
Crown of Swords6,000 gp
Mask of the Mantis6,000 gp
Seashell Diving Mask6,000 gp
Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type II)6,000 gp
Beautiful War Paint6,300 gp
Crown of Blasting (Minor)6,480 gp
Aspect Mask6,500 gp
Lepidstadt Investigator's Hat7,000 gp
Mask of the Krenshar7,200 gp
Plague Mask7,500 gp
Fog-Cutting Lenses8,000 gp
Goz Mask8,000 gp
Mask of Stony Demeanor8,000 gp
Mouthpiece of the Dominion8,000 gp
Muzzle of Suppression8,000 gp
Shadow Fletching8,000 gp
Helm of the Mammoth Lord8,500 gp
Shepsi-ak's Funerary Mask9,000 gp
Sniper's Helmet9,000 gp
Veil of Fleeting Glances9,000 gp
War Mask of Terror9,000 gp
Bax's Mask9,100 gp
Visage of the Broodlord9,600 gp
Dervish Sikke10,000 gp
Earth Child Faceguard10,000 gp
Flame of Bakrakhan10,000 gp
Hunter's Nose Ring10,000 gp
Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Lesser)10,000 gp
Mask Of A Thousand Tomes10,000 gp
Medusa Mask10,000 gp
Vermin Mask10,080 gp
Desert Veil11,000 gp
Hyena Shawl11,000 gp
Nose Ring of Unearthly Scent11,475 gp
Cap of the Free Thinker12,000 gp
Greater Hat of Disguise12,000 gp
Helm of the Fanged Crown12,000 gp
Mask of the Rabbit Prince12,000 gp
Reaper's Mask12,000 gp
Clasp of the Mind Scream12,800 gp
Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type III)13,500 gp
Bitter Widow's Veil14,000 gp
Horned Helm of the Wild Stag14,000 gp
Translator's Cap (Human)14,000 gp
Crown of the Kobold King15,000 gp
Tin Cap15,000 gp
Death Mask16,000 gp
Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Greater)16,000 gp
Halo of Inner Calm16,000 gp
Helm of the Valkyrie16,000 gp
Frontovik's Gas Mask17,000 gp
Mask of Stolen Mien17,200 gp
Cat's Eye Crown18,000 gp
Maw of the Wyrm18,000 gp
Mitre of the Hierophant18,000 gp
Laurel Wreath19,000 gp
Amulet of Reverse Incantation20,000 gp
Daylight Diadem20,000 gp
Magician's Hat20,000 gp
Crown of Challenge21,000 gp
Helm of Ooze21,500 gp
Circlet of Mindsight22,000 gp
Mask of the Skull22,000 gp
Vudran Ashak Helmet22,000 gp
Howling Helm22,600 gp
Visage of the Bound22,900 gp
Miasmatic Mask23,000 gp
Crown of Blasting (Major)23,760 gp
Crystal Helm24,000 gp
Helm of Underwater Action24,000 gp
Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Superior)24,000 gp
Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type IV)24,000 gp
Crown of Conquest24,600 gp
Greathelm of the Mammoth Lord24,700 gp
Hat of Infinite Disguises25,000 gp
Mask of Anonymous Mien25,000 gp
Mask of the Mesmerist25,000 gp
Batrachian Helm26,000 gp
Dance of Seven Veils27,000 gp
Helm of Telepathy27,000 gp
Sensory Deprivation Hood27,500 gp
Token of the Eldest27,680 gp
Imperial Army Greathelm29,000 gp
Crown of Ash29,900 gp
Crown of False Rule30,000 gp
Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls30,000 gp
Laurel of Command30,000 gp
Mask of Giants (Lesser)30,000 gp
Nightgaunt Mask30,000 gp
Thremyr's Beard (Lesser)32,250 gp
Steel-mind Cap33,600 gp
Stormlord's Helm35,000 gp
Yithian Thought Ring35,000 gp
Helm of Brilliance (Lesser)36,000 gp
Roseskin Comb37,000 gp
Mask of the Far Traveler38,000 gp
Bridle of Charon40,000 gp
Falcon Crown42,000 gp
Thremyr's Beard (Greater)42,250 gp
Frostwild Bridle48,000 gp
Golden Helm of Xin-Shalast48,000 gp
Grim Helm48,000 gp
Judge's Wig59,200 gp
Khepresh of Refuge63,000 gp
Diadem of the Interplanetary Emissary (Lashunta)67,500 gp
Helm of Teleportation73,500 gp
Helm of Reclamation80,000 gp
Circlet of Petty Discord84,000 gp
Halo of Menace84,000 gp
Blind Helm85,000 gp
Cap of Darkest Dreams (Changeling)90,000 gp
Magnate's Miter90,000 gp
Mask of Giants (Greater)90,000 gp
Helm of the Serpent King96,000 gp
Hood of Privacy120,000 gp
Helm of Brilliance125,000 gp
Helm of Electric Radiance125,000 gp
Hurricane Crown125,000 gp
Crown of Heaven150,000 gp