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Cursed Items

NameSource (Possible Spoilers)
-2 Cursed SwordUltimate Equipment
Amulet of Inescapable LocationUltimate Equipment
Armor of Arrow AttractionUltimate Equipment
Armor of RageUltimate Equipment
Arrowbreak BowUltimate Equipment
Bag of DevouringUltimate Equipment
Belt of WeaknessUltimate Equipment
Berserking SwordUltimate Equipment
Biting BattleaxeUltimate Equipment
BloodbiteAntihero's Handbook
Book of Perilous Journey'sHorror Adventures
Boots of DancingUltimate Equipment
Bracers of DefenselessnessUltimate Equipment
Broom of Animated AttackUltimate Equipment
Buffoon's SwordUltimate Equipment
Cannibal RingUltimate Equipment
Cape of AnchoringUltimate Equipment
Carnivorous JarPathfinder #82: Secrets of the Sphinx
Chatter RingAntihero's Handbook
ChomperUltimate Equipment
Cloak of ImmolationUltimate Equipment
Constrictor ArmorPathfinder #82: Secrets of the Sphinx
Crown of BlindnessUltimate Equipment
Crystal Hypnosis BallUltimate Equipment
Cursed Backbiter SpearUltimate Equipment
Deadflesh WaraxeDungeons of Golarion
Deadly Returns Throwing AxeUltimate Equipment
Drums of LethargyUltimate Equipment
Dust of Sneezing and ChokingUltimate Equipment
Eyes of BlindnessUltimate Equipment
Flask of CursesUltimate Equipment
Gauntlets of FumblingUltimate Equipment
Girdle of Opposite GenderUltimate Equipment
Grasp of DroskarCrown of the Kobold King
Gravesoul ArmorUltimate Equipment
Hat of HatredsUltimate Equipment
Haunted DollOccult Adventures
Headband of StupidityUltimate Equipment
Heavy HammerUltimate Equipment
Helm of IkimiziLost Kingdoms
Helm of Opposite AlignmentUltimate Equipment
Incense of ObsessionUltimate Equipment
Kleptomaniac's GlovesAntihero's Handbook
Liar's WellClassic Treasures Revisited
Mace of BloodUltimate Equipment
Maniac HandOccult Adventures
Mask of UglinessUltimate Equipment
Medallion of Thought ProjectionUltimate Equipment
Mindborer Ioun StoneSeekers of Secrets
Mirror of Soul SnaringOccult Adventures
Monkey's PawOccult Adventures
Nearfiring BowUltimate Equipment
Necklace of StrangulationUltimate Equipment
Needful DollHorror Adventures
Net of SnaringUltimate Equipment
One-Way WindowUltimate Equipment
Ornery PistolUltimate Equipment
Overcharged StaffAntihero's Handbook
Pauldrons of the JackassUltimate Equipment
Periapt of Foul RottingUltimate Equipment
Petrifying CloakUltimate Equipment
Planar Invasion ShieldUltimate Equipment
Poisonous CloakUltimate Equipment
Potion of PoisonUltimate Equipment
Ring of ClumsinessUltimate Equipment
Ring of LifebleedUltimate Equipment
Ring of Spell DevouringUltimate Equipment
Ring of TruthUltimate Equipment
Riot PipesUltimate Equipment
Robe of PowerlessnessUltimate Equipment
Robe of VerminUltimate Equipment
Rod of ArsonUltimate Equipment
Rod of Foiled MagicUltimate Equipment
Sasquatch SkullMystery Monsters Revisited
Scarab of DeathUltimate Equipment
Scattershot BracersUltimate Equipment
Scroll of Blood InkHorror Adventures
Staff of Magical DeclineHorror Adventures
Staff of Occasional WonderUltimate Equipment
Stone of Weight (Loadstone)Ultimate Equipment
Tome of Heretical RevelationFaiths and Philosophies
Unguent of AgingUltimate Equipment
Unlucky FigurineUltimate Equipment
Unspeakable One's VestmentsPathfinder #113: What Grows Within
Unstable MusketUltimate Equipment
Unwieldy GlaiveUltimate Equipment
Vacuous GrimoireUltimate Equipment