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Unguent of Revivification

Source Inner Sea World Guide pg. 299
Aura faint necromancy; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 300 gp; Weight 1 lb.


This foul-smelling gray paste is typically stored in a bone container. When smeared upon a corpse, it preserves that corpse’s state of decay for 5 days, as if via the gentle repose spell. If smeared upon a corporeal undead creature, it restores that creature’s living appearance for 5 days—this has no effect on the creature’s abilities, but does grant it a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a living creature and imparts a –5 penalty on Knowledge (religion) checks to identify what type of undead creature it is. Unguent of revivification is particularly popular in Geb, where many of that nation’s movers and shakers view it as a vanity item to mask the hideous truths of their undead flesh.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose; Cost 150 gp