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Trumpet of Spirit Speaking

Source Occult Mysteries pg. 55, Pathfinder #71: Rasputin Must Die! pg. 61
Aura moderate necromancy; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 6,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.


This long, segmented cone is made of a lightweight metal and collapses into three sections. Although nonmagical spirit trumpets are most often used by fraudulent mediums and manipulated with sleight of hand and ventriloquism, a trumpet of spirit speaking allows actual communication with the spirits of the deceased. Once per day, when its mouthpiece is placed to the lips of a mostly intact corpse, the user can ask up to three questions of the dead creature, as if the corpse were subject to a speak with dead spell. The corpse’s replies to the questions issue forth from the horn in quiet, ghostly whispers.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, speak with dead; Cost 3,250 gp