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Terra-Cotta Talisman

Source Pathfinder #51: The Hungry Storm pg. 63
Aura moderate evocation; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 13,000 gp ( Horse), 16,000 gp ( Warrior), 22,000 gp ( Hound); Weight 1 lb.


These ceramic statuettes are molded in the likenesses of armored soldiers, horses, or dogs, and are considered symbols of good fortune in battle. Once per day, the possessor of a terra-cotta talisman can reroll a single attack roll as an immediate action, with a +1 luck bonus on the reroll, and keep the most favorable result. A terra-cotta talisman also contains the vestige of a spirit of an ancient warrior or warbeast that can be called upon once per day as a standard action to manifest itself as a spiritual force. The powers of the talismans are as follows:
  • Terra-Cotta Horse: phantom steed
  • Terra-Cotta Hound: mage’s faithful hound
  • Terra-Cotta Warrior: spiritual ally


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, borrow fortune, mage's faithful hound (hound), phantom steed (horse), or spiritual ally (warrior); Cost 6,500 gp (Horse), 8,000 gp (Warrior), 11,000 gp (Hound)