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Shoanti War Paint

Source Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG) pg. 436, Pathfinder #10: A History of Ashes pg. 14
Aura moderate (school varies); CL 7th
Slot none; Price 900 gp (Blue), 900 gp (Green), 900 gp (Orange), 900 gp (Red), 900 gp (Silver), 900 gp (Yellow), 1,800 gp (Black), 1,800 gp (White); Weight


The Shoanti have developed numerous types of magical war paint, each providing a specific benefit to aid their hunters, warriors, and heroes in a variety of tasks. Shoanti war paint can be applied to any visible part of the body—typically the face, shoulders, legs, or arms. Applying a dose of war paint is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Shoanti war paint does not take up a magic item slot, but you can benefit from only one color of Shoanti war paint at a time and applying a dose of a different color replaces the effects of the previous application. Once Shoanti war paint is applied, its effects last for 24 hours. Below are the eight most common colors and their effects. Black (1,800 gp): The wearer becomes cloaked in shadows and smoke, gaining the effects of a blur spell. Blue (900 gp): The wearer gains a 30-foot enhancement bonus to her base move speed. Green (900 gp): When the wearer uses bardic performance to inspire courage, the morale bonus she grants increases by 1. Orange (900 gp): The wearer gains damage reduction 1/—. This effect stacks with damage reduction gained via a character class, such as barbarian. Red (900 gp): The wearer gains fire resistance 10. Silver (900 gp): The wearer gains a +3 deflection bonus to her AC. White (1,800 gp): The wearer gains a +4 resistance bonus on all saving throws against energy drain and negative energy. As soon as the wearer takes a negative level from an energy drain attack, the white war paint absorbs the negative level and then fades away, ending the ongoing duration of the paint’s effect immediately. Yellow (900 gp): The wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Perception checks.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item; blur (black), clairaudience/clairvoyance (yellow), death ward (white), expeditious retreat (blue), heroism (green), resist energy (red), shield of faith (silver), stoneskin (orange); Cost 900 gp (black and white paint), 450 gp (all other paints)