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Protean Cloak

Source Planar Adventures pg. 55
Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th
Slot shoulders; Price 500 gp ( +1 bonus), 2,000 gp ( +2 bonus), 4,500 gp ( +3 bonus), 8,000 gp ( +4 bonus), 12,500 gp ( +5 bonus); Weight 1 lb.


These multihued cloaks are as mutable as the proteans that inspired them. The typical protean cloak appears to be crafted from the hide of a naunet protean, but regardless of their apparent source, all protean cloaks shimmer and flicker with a riot of color. While the material feels scaly and rugose to the touch, a protean cloak flows like silk and does not hinder mobility.

A protean cloak provides a +1 to +5 resistance bonus on a single type of saving throw (typically Will saving throws). Once per day as a standard action, the wearer can change the type of saving throw that receives this bonus; the cloak then provides its bonus on the new type of saving throw until its type is changed again. If a protean cloak is unattended for more than 24 hours, the resistance bonus it applies automatically reverts back to Will saves.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, entropic shield, resistance, creator must be chaotic, creator’s caster level must be at least three times the cloak’s bonus; Cost 250 gp (+1 bonus), 1,000 gp (+2 bonus), 2,250 gp (+3 bonus), 4,000 gp (+4 bonus), 6,250 gp (+5 bonus)