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Monkey's Paw

Source Pathfinder #39: The City of Seven Spears pg. 56
Aura faint enchantment; CL 5th
Slot neck; Price 12,000 gp; Weight


This tiny, shrunken, mummified monkey hand is worn around the neck on a leather strap. Once per day as a free action, the wearer of a monkey’s paw may reroll one attack roll, skill check, or saving throw. The reroll must be made before the result of the initial die roll is known. The second die roll must be used even if the result is worse than the original roll. If the second die roll is worse than the original, the wearer suffers a sense of impending doom, causing him to be shaken for 1d4 rounds.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, doom, prayer; Cost 6,000 gp