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Machinebane Oil

Source Construct Handbook pg. 19
Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 750 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.


This vial of shimmering violet unguent is an effective weapon against constructs crafted from metal. A creature can throw the vial at a construct as a ranged touch attack with a range of 20 feet. On a hit, the oil immediately penetrates the metal construct and wreaks havoc on its inner workings. The construct must succeed at a DC 15 Reflex save or become staggered for the next 5 rounds. If the construct fails the initial save, it must attempt an additional save at the beginning of its turn for the next 5 rounds, taking 2 points of Dexterity damage on each failure. A construct struck by machinebane oil immediately loses the benefits of energizing salve.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, disable construct; Cost 750 gp