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Groundbreaker Cloak

Source Daughters of Fury pg. 60
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot shoulders; Price 22,000 gp; Weight 6 lbs.


This heavy cloak is made from the hide of a bulette, its thick gray leather heavily abraded and seemingly always dusty, and features a plated dorsal fin that protrudes from between the wearer’s shoulders.

As a standard action, the wearer of a groundbreaker cloak can dive into the ground, gaining a burrow speed of 20 feet through sand, soil, gravel, and loose stone. While burrowing, the wearer cannot run or charge and must travel along the surface, leaving the exposed dorsal plate visible from above. As the wearer burrows, displaced dirt swells before her and collapses behind her to create difficult terrain in her wake. She has cover from attacks while burrowing. Unless the wearer has some other means of breathing while submerged, she must hold her breath while burrowing. Emerging from the ground is a move action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Once per day, the wearer can perform a charge attack by diving deep into the ground, burrowing up to 40 feet in a straight line (ignoring any obstacles that don’t extend at least 10 feet into the ground) and bursting forth into a square adjacent to a target creature. This use of the cloak does not disturb the terrain as noted above, except where the wearer enters and exits the ground. The wearer ends this movement standing and the target of the charge is considered flat-footed against the attack.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, beast shape III, burrowUM; Cost 11,000 gp