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Charm of Aluum Control

Source Inner Sea World Guide pg. 298, Dark Markets - A Guide to Katapesh pg. 59
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 20th
Slot neck; Price 20,000 gp; Weight


This pendant holds a glowing crystal etched with faint runes. Created by the pactmasters of Katapesh to manipulate and control their constructs known as aluums, these charms are much sought after on the black market. Unauthorized possession of a charm of aluum control is considered a grave crime in Katapesh, punishable by decades of imprisonment, exile, or even death. Each charm of aluum control is attuned to a single, specific aluum, but the magic of the charm allows it to function somewhat against other aluums as well. Against its specific attuned aluum, the charm grants you the ability to command that construct as if you were using dominate person on a humanoid creature. This effect functions against other aluums, but non-attuned aluums gain a DC 16 Will save to resist the effect. If an aluum fails such a save, it becomes attuned to that charm and the previous aluum becomes unattuned—a single charm of aluum control can only be attuned to one aluum at a time. For purposes of this effect, ordering an aluum to attack a Pactmaster or someone who appears to be part of Katapesh’s government or army or to damage any structure in the city of Katapesh counts as an action against the aluum’s nature and allows the aluum a new saving throw with a +2 bonus to resist the charm’s effects. If an aluum escapes this effect, it is no longer attuned and typically attacks the target who attempted to command it.


Requirements Craft Construct, Craft Wondrous Item, soul bind; Cost 10,000 gp