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The Eclipsing Eye

Source Bestiary 6 pg. 23
Aura overwhelming all CL 30th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 20 lbs.


The Eclipsing Eye is a +4 adamantine axiomatic unholy wounding heavy mace; it is a token of esteem and power granted by Asmodeus himself to the governor of Hell’s greatest city. It allows the wielder to command allegiance as per a rod of rulership with an unlimited duration when activated in Hell. Outside of Hell, it remains limited to 500 total minutes of this effect, but does not crumble to dust if these minutes are used up. Every hour it spends in Hell restores 1 minute of expended duration. When used as a weapon, The Eclipsing Eye has a critical multiplier of ×3. The Eclipsing Eye automatically casts blindness (as per blindness/deafness heightened to 9th level, save DC 23) on the first creature it strikes each round. The Eclipsing Eye is Dispater’s rod of office, and he can summon it to his hand as a free action from any distance, even across planar boundaries. As long as he wields it, all lawful evil, neutral evil, and lawful neutral creatures treat him as if he were under a sanctuary spell (CL 30th, save DC 23 as if heightened to a 9th level spell). Three times per day, The Eclipsing Eye can create any of the following spell effects, heightened to 9th level as per the Heighten Spell feat: calm emotions, demand, discern lies, and discern location.


Asmodeus can will the destruction of The Eclipsing Eye as a free action, but otherwise it can be destroyed only by immersing it in the headwaters of the River Styx for a century, allowing the artifact to rust away.