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Minor Artifacts

NameSource (Possible Spoilers)
Abyssal RunestonePathfinder #134: It Came from Hollow Mountain
AegisMythic Adventures
Aiger's KissSkull & Shackles Adventure Path
Amatatsu SealJade Regent Adventure Path
Amethyst Crescent Ioun StonePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Argental FontSerpent's Skull Adventure Path
Artrosa RingReign of Winter Adventure Path
Automaton CoreConstruct Handbook
Azlanti OrreryPathfinder #122: Into the Shattered Continent
Azlanti SealstoneRevenge of the Kobold King
Baba Yaga's BesomReign of Winter Adventure Path
Baba Yaga's Mortar and PestleReign of Winter Adventure Path
BalgorrahHell's Rebels Adventure Path
Beacon of True FaithUltimate Equipment
Bell of MercyWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Black Iron AxeMythic Adventures
Bone HouseArtifacts and Legends
Book of Infinite SpellsUltimate Equipment
Branch of LifeUltimate Equipment
Bullroarers of OutburstMythic Adventures
Cloud DiademGiantslayer Adventure Path
Crown of the Iron KingUltimate Equipment
Crown of the SimurghArtifacts and Legends
Crystal Control RodTombs of Golarion
Cubic SpiralPathfinder #120: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Cup of Forbidden KnowledgeHorror Adventures
Dark GrimoireHorror Adventures
Dawnflower's KissWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Decemvirate HelmArtifacts and Legends
Deck of Harrowed TalesArtifacts and Legends
Deck of Many ThingsUltimate Equipment
Drakesbane HornGiantslayer Adventure Path
Earth's EyePathfinder #120: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Elder SignHorror Adventures
Elemental ChainMythic Adventures
Eye of AbenatrexDragonslayer's Handbook
Eye of RaptureCarnival of Tears
Fasciculus LabyrinthumWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Fetoring MawPathfinder #140: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer
Final BladeInner Sea World Guide
Flamma HoracalcumShattered Star Adventure Path
Fleshhook of Mythic SustenanceMythic Adventures
Fluttered WingPathfinder #137: The City Outside of Time
Fortune's ArrowMythic Adventures
Funeral Mask of the Four Pharaohs of AscensionEntombed with the Pharaohs
Funerary Crown of the True KingShips of the Inner Sea
Glabrezu ClawMythic Adventures
Godclaw GauntletsHell's Vengeance Adventure Path
Hammer of ThunderboltsGiantslayer Adventure Path
Harp of Night's HopeNidal, Land of Shadows
Haykali's House of CardsClassic Treasures Revisited
Heart of Nhur AthemonThe Emerald Spire Superdungeon
Hellfire HaloHell's Vengeance Adventure Path
Helm of GovernancePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Hermetic FlaskMythic Adventures
Hourglass of ShadowsArtifacts and Legends
Id PortraitArtifacts and Legends
Imperial DiademPathfinder #114: Black Stars Beckon
Ioun Stones, ThassilonianRise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Jaundiced Skull Ioun StonePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Knucklebone of Fickle FortuneUltimate Equipment
Life LanternMummy's Mask Adventure Path
Lotus Stone of NamrutMummy's Mask Adventure Path
Magi Staff of the Deep BlackClassic Treasures Revisited
Magi Staff of the MammothClassic Treasures Revisited
Magi Staff of the NecromancerClassic Treasures Revisited
Magi Staff of the ScholarClassic Treasures Revisited
Maleficus SpikeArtifacts and Legends
Mantis BladeAdventurer's Guide
Mindbind FigurineThe Moonscar
Monkey's PawUltimate Equipment
Mythic Amulet of the AbyssWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Nahyndrian ChiselWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Nahyndrian CrystalWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Nahyndrian ElixirWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Nargrym's Steel HandGiantslayer Adventure Path
Necropyre CrystalBlood of Dragonscar
Nexus CrystalMythic Adventures
Oculus of AbaddonKingmaker Adventure Path
Orb of Dragon MasteryArtifacts and Legends
Orb of DragonkinArtifacts and Legends
Orb of DragonshapeArtifacts and Legends
Orrery of Distant WorldsDoom Comes to Dustpawn
Osa PaintingHorror Realms
Ovinrbaane, Enemy of All EnemiesArtifacts and Legends
Pendant of the First TearsPathfinder #137: The City Outside of Time
Perfect Golden LuteUltimate Equipment
Pharaoh's KeyMummy's Mask Adventure Path
Philosopher's StoneUltimate Equipment
Phylactery of the FailedArtifacts and Legends
Portal NetworkOccult Adventures
Primordial SymbolOccult Adventures
Quake CannonWardens of the Reborn Forge
Radiant Blue Ioun StonePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Raven's HeadArtifacts and Legends
ReprisalHell's Rebels Adventure Path
Revelation QuillRise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Rift-Born SphereClassic Treasures Revisited
Ring of EquilibriumMythic Adventures
Rod of Spell SunderingMythic Adventures
Runescarred DragonshipUltimate Equipment
Runeslave CauldronRise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Runewarded GauntletsPathfinder #133: Secrets of Roderic's Cove
Runewell Amulet (Envy)Pathfinder #137: The City Outside of Time
Runewell Amulet (Greed)Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Runewell, MinorRise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Screaming Spear of the SunMythic Adventures
Shadow UrnThe Demon Within
Shinobi FuhonsenJade Regent Adventure Path
Sigils of the Great CataclysmVillain Codex
Sihedron Tome (Envy)Pathfinder #137: The City Outside of Time
Sihedron Tome (Greed)Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Sistrum of BastetMummy's Mask Adventure Path
Slime TendrilPathfinder #122: Into the Shattered Continent
Soul LensRise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Soul PortraitOccult Adventures
Sparkling Blue Rhomboid Ioun StonePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Spear of ShardsPathfinder #120: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Sphere of AnnihilationUltimate Equipment
Sphere of Bleeding SnowflakesClassic Treasures Revisited
Spindle of Perfect KnowledgeUltimate Equipment
Staff of Eldritch SovereigntyMythic Adventures
Staff of Rightful RuleMummy's Mask Adventure Path
Staff of the MagiUltimate Equipment
Stannum CrownOccult Adventures
Storm Kindler's RodAdventurer's Guide
Suishen, Guardian of the AmatatsuJade Regent Adventure Path
Sun Orchid ElixirInner Sea World Guide
Sword of the MistsMythic Adventures
Talisman of Pure GoodUltimate Equipment
Talisman of Reluctant WishesUltimate Equipment
Talisman of the SphereUltimate Equipment
Talisman of Ultimate EvilUltimate Equipment
Tentacle of the VaultsPathfinder #120: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Terendelev's ScalesWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Tessarael's Book of Infinite SpellsFangwood Keep
The Elder DecksClassic Treasures Revisited
The Enthroned KingPathfinder #118: Siege of Stone
The Last TheoremThe Pact Stone Pyramid
The MorrowfallCouncil of Thieves Adventure Path
The TotemrixCouncil of Thieves Adventure Path
Thought RecordOccult Adventures
Throne of BlasphemyHell Unleashed
Throne of Ydersius AscendantSerpent's Skull Adventure Path
Thrushmoor Star StelaePathfinder #110: The Thrushmoor Terror
TimeglassShattered Star Adventure Path
Torc of KostchtchieArtifacts and Legends
Torc of the HeavensMythic Adventures
Totem of AngazhanArtifacts and Legends
Twin SpheresClassic Treasures Revisited
Vernal KeyArtifacts and Legends
Vicious LinkPath of the Hellknight
Visionary LensArtifacts and Legends
Vivacious Rose Prism Ioun StonePathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past
Void CrystalUndead Unleashed
Warding BoxArtifacts and Legends
WardstoneInner Sea World Guide
Wardstone ShardWrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
Weird Queen's MagpieUltimate Equipment
Wheel of WorldsBook of the Damned
Winter's HeartMythic Realms
Witch Ice ShardCarnival of Tears
WitherfangMythic Adventures
Zellara's Harrow DeckCurse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path