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Transcendent Artifacts

Source Mythic Origins
Transcendent artifacts grant mythic power to non-mythic creatures. Transcendent artifacts are intelligent minor or major artifacts, and have all the normal qualities of both intelligent items and artifacts. At minimum, a transcendent artifact has the transcendent power feature (see below). Some have additional powers or a special purpose. As with all intelligent items, use of transcendent artifacts comes with attendant risks, with the possibility of the artifact asserting control over its possessor or denying use of its abilities if it’s dissatisfied.

Transcendent Power: When borne by a creature that meets the item’s standard of merit, an artifact with this feature grants one or more tiers from a specific mythic path. If the possessor already has a mythic path or mythic rank, this ability has no effect, even if the granted tier is greater than the possessor’s. For each tier it grants, the artifact gives predetermined ability score increases, path choices, and feats. In the case of mythic enhancement feats, if the possessor has the non-mythic feat in question, she gains the mythic version. If she lacks the feat, she gains the nonmythic form of the feat provided she meets its prerequisites. If the bearer lacks a prerequisite for a particular path, feat, or spell, she can’t use that ability. Only intelligent artifacts can be transcendent, and this ability increases the artifact’s Ego score by 2. Like dedicated powers (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 535), an artifact can’t be forced to share its transcendent power, and can revoke it at any time. If the possessor loses or drops a transcendent intelligent artifact, her mythic power fades at the end of her next turn.

NameSource (Possible Spoilers)
Bracers of the Immortal HuntMythic Origins