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Heart of Nhur Athemon

Source The Emerald Spire Superdungeon pg. 130
Aura strong transmutation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 15 lbs.


This multi-chambered clockwork device is about the size of an ogre’s fist. Tiny mechanisms whir and grind, powering a constant thump reminiscent of a heartbeat. When placed upon the chest of a humanoid creature, the Heart of Nhur Athemon phases into the chest cavity, consuming and replacing the user’s natural heart, and granting the user a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution. Anyone who touches the Heart of Nhur Athemon must succeed at a DC 25 Will save or be compelled to place the heart against her chest (this is a mind-affecting compulsion effect).

A successful DC 30 caster level check made as part of a remove curse spell or similar effect forces the Heart of Nhur Athemon to phase out of its host’s chest. Because the Heart of Nhur Athemon consumes its host’s natural heart, destroying or expelling the item while it is keeping a character alive kills the character 1 round after it’s removed, unless a restoration spell is immediately applied to the host.

The heart is also the phylactery of the Azlanti lich Nhur Athemon. If Nhur Athemon is destroyed, the phylactery immediately begins to rebuild the lich’s body nearby. The process takes 1d10 days, and begins anew if interrupted so long as the phylactery is not destroyed.


The heart must be thrown into the chasm in area N7 or targeted with a transmute metal to wood spell.