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Funeral Mask of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension

Source Entombed with the Pharaohs pg. 10
Aura strong transmutation [law] CL 17th
Slot head and eyes; Price minor artifact; Weight


This golden mask, decorated with a headdress of 56 hieracosphinx feathers, acts in all regards as a silver horn of Valhalla save that the summoned barbarians appear as Ancient Osirion slave warriors, each armed with a longspear. Summoning the barbarians is a swift action you can activate with a thought, rather than by blowing a horn.

The mask's greater power, however, is to summon forth the missing portion of the pyramid of the Four Pharaohs ofAscension (see Part 3).

Should the PCs defeat all four of the pharaohs, the mask shatters into four jagged pieces and is destroyed.