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Source Pathfinder #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hills pg. 56
Aura strong transmutation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 10 lbs.


Agrimmosh appears to be a simple stone blacksmith’s hammer engraved with Minderhal’s holy symbol. It functions as a +2 impactUE warhammer that automatically resizes itself to match the size of its wielder. Once per day as a full-round action, the wielder of Agrimmosh can use the hammer to cast heightened enlarge person (Fortitude DC 23 negates). This effect lasts for 20 minutes. Whenever the wielder of Agrimmosh confirms a critical hit against a creature of the humanoid type, the target creature must succeed at a DC 23 Fortitude save or shrink by one size category, as by heightened reduce person. This effect lasts for 20 minutes.

In addition, Agrimmosh has other powers that are currently dormant. When the Hammer of Unmaking is struck against Minderhal’s Forge in the Cathedral of Minderhal (see Pathfinder Adventure Path #93: Forge of the Giant God), these powers are reawakened, and Agrimmosh gains the following abilities.

Whenever the wielder of Agrimmosh successfully strikes a creature with the hammer, as an immediate action he can attempt a targeted dispel check against the struck creature, as dispel magic, to end a single ongoing transmutation effect that alters the target’s size. Other ongoing spells and effects are unaffected. The wielder uses the hammer’s caster level as his own when attempting such a dispel check.

Agrimmosh also gains 3 charges, which renew at the beginning of each day. The wielder can expend the listed number of charges to activate one of the following spelllike abilities as a full-round action; expending an extra charge to activate the spell-like ability reduces the casting time to a swift action instead. Regardless, the wielder of Agrimmosh can activate only one of the weapon’s spell-like abilities per round.
  • Heightened enlarge person (1 charge, DC 23; this replaces Agrimmosh’s 1/day enlarge person ability)
  • Heightened mass enlarge person (2 charges, DC 23)
Lastly, Agrimmosh can be used in conjunction with Minderhal’s Forge at the Cathedral of Minderhal to resize magic armor and weapons. More details on this ability can be found in Pathfinder Adventure Path #93.


If Agrimmosh is heated in Minderhal’s Forge at the Cathedral of Minderhal for 10 years and then quenched in the blood of a slain rune giant, it loses all of its magical abilities and is destroyed, shattering into a thousand pieces.