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Source Horror Adventures pg. 183
Type lesser madness; Save DC 16
Onset 2d6 days
Effect The afflicted character believes something that is not true, and no amount of evidence can dissuade him of the belief.
Dormancy Effect None


A delusion is the persistence of a belief that no amount of evidence to the contrary can dissuade the afflicted character from having. The belief is often that another specific person either loves or wants to harm the afflicted character, or the afflicted character may have an inflated view of his own abilities or importance. Sometimes the deluded character believes he suffers from an affliction or persecution that does not exist.

The exact nature of the delusion is decided by the GM. Delusions are typically roleplayed, though a GM might apply penalties to skill and ability checks having to do with the delusion, or decide that such checks fail outright because of the character’s delusion. In some circumstances, delusions can be debilitating, while in others they are merely quirky or annoying to those around the character.