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Even the most pure creature can succumb to tides of darkness. What begins as a minor malady or errant idea can grow into something malignant—a spreading corruption that can obscure your morals, cloud your judgment, and ultimately devour your soul. There are a number of different types of corruptions, from the hunger of vampirism to the horrifying transformation of the promethean. Living with a corruption is often a terrifying experience, but also offers the temptation of dark gifts. Hosts sometimes choose not to fight the corruption, but rather accept it and allow it to progress. These unfortunate folk either succumb to lust for the corruption’s power or attempt to control the stain of corruption and use its gifts for some greater good.
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AbolethThe veiled masters have long controlled countless minions in the Inner Sea region’s political arenas.
AccursedA foul curse has a deep hold on your body and soul. Your resentment toward the one who cursed you has taken on a life of its own. You notice slights against you by everyone around you, and can gain solace only by punishing them.
AmoralWhile even the noblest heroes can fall victim to corruption of body, mind, or spirit, antiheroes who tread ethically gray waters are often at higher risk of losing themselves to the moral decay detailed below.

When an otherwise upstanding person turns to evil deeds to achieve his goals—whether by accident, due to sinister influence, or through desperation—he begins to slip, every excuse and justification furthering his descent into evil.
Deep OneThe waves call to you, like a siren’s song echoing across crashing surf.
DemonicClose contact with the Abyss or demons clouds your mind and twists your body.
GhoulA hunger for the flesh of the living grows more every day, until every sentient creature seems no more than a meal.
HellboundThe pit of Hell waits for your damned soul.
HiveYour body is a vessel for an invasive otherworldly species that seek to spread across the stars and devour all other life.
LichYour attempt to transition into unlife has gone horribly awry and your soul is trapped. Lich corruption also works for becoming another sort of corporeal undead (except ghouls and vampires, which have their own corruptions).
LycanthropyThere is a sound pulsing through your blood, a call to the wild and savage places of the world, where you are free to hunt and to kill to satisfy your bloodlust. You are filled with the desire to rend foes limb from limb with tooth and claw.
PlaguedDisease can become a corruption when it causes long-lasting and physical changes to the body.
PossessedWhether it’s an actual spirit or an alternate personality, another mind vies with you for control of your body.
PrometheanYour body is slowly wasting away. As your body decays, you must gradually replace more and more of it with artificial components—corpse flesh, bone, wood, metal, or other exotic materials.
PsychometabolicStrange powers exist on Golarion and beyond. Those who survive a brush with cosmic phenomena, occult mysteries, or horrors from beyond the veil occasionally find psychic abilities awakening in their minds. Although potent, such power corrupts the body, subconscious mind, and emotions—often with disastrous results.

The following corruption can be contracted by those who delve into occult lore better left forgotten.
ShadowboundDarkness and fear are all that guide you. As the shadow consumes you, you are becoming a gaunt caricature of your former self, emptied of life and color.
VampirismYou salivate when blood is spilled, and struggle against the urge to sink your teeth into the necks of friends and innocents.